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The Claror group we are committed to Sustainable Development Goals and we are aware that the current level of demand for natural resources is causing climate change which can have disastrous consequences for the planet.

That is why, apart from the actions we carry out during the year, we have joined the Energy Saving Marathon for three years now. Marathon for Climate Emergency, driven byAjuntament de Barcelona plus 70 municipal facilities.

The Marathon is held in February with the aim of reduce 10% of CO2 emissions from water, gas and electricity consumption compared to 2019, while raising public awareness of the importance of reducing the individual ecological footprint. The idea is that the actions that get results will be permanent and that the economic savings that are achieved will be used for projects to adapt or mitigate the climate emergency.

We invite you to join in climate emergency!

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Action at clubs brightness

These are some of the initiatives to reduce the energy consumption carried out by them clubs of the Claror group of direct management: Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena, Claror Marítim i Claror Can Caralleu.

  • What will we do to save electricity?

    Make the most of natural light before opening lights. Close the light and the climate in spaces without activity. Check lighting to see if motion or twilight sensors can be installed. Turn off computer and office equipment when they are out of use.

  • What will we do to save gas?

    Adjust the climate temperature to 21-23 ºC. Lower the accumulator temperatures provided the return temperature is 50 ° C.

  • What will we do to save water?

    Adjust the filter wash. Readjust the diffusers of the shower cones. Adjust the time of the children's hygienic shower after swimming.

  • What can you do as a subscriber?

    Use the stairs instead of the lift. Minimize shower time by making rational use of water. Use the shower water to rinse your swimsuit and flip flops. Use the wc cisterns simple download button. Dress in layers and unbutton when you get into heat. Turn off the toilet light when you leave.

Measure your green footprint

To find out what your environmental footprint is, you have free tools like the one promoted by the NGO Ecodes and Nature Action

Share your tips for reducing power consumption

We invite you to share through the social networks the measures you take with the hashtag




Results of the Climate Emergency Marathon 2019

The Marathon is done to all clubs of Barcelona with excellent results. We show the savings in percent and numbers in positive

Claror Sardenya Claror Cartagena Claror Marítim Claror Can Caralleu
Aigua 19,2 8,35 11,64 -2,9
power 4,2 4,8 11,8 3,7
Gas 29 44,2 -6,6 5,6

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