At Clubs Claror we have exclusive activities of 15 minutes that are carried out in the Fitness Room to work in a more localized way different muscle groups.

Come on, try the Xp15 'Claror!

Fun, fastness and results

Achieve your goals by having fun and in 15 minutes classes.

Reduced training groups

Fitness technicians prepare personalized circuits and in small groups.

High intensity greater loss of fat

High intensity activities of 15 minutes help fat loss up to 48 hours later.

Designed by experts

The Claror Committee of Experts has designed each of the activities exclusively.

All Xp15 'Claror activities start at 2 / 4 and end at 3 / 4 every hour!

Our technicians Xp15 '

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All XP15 activities' are included in the subscription fee, so they are free for all customers of the clubs Brightness. Likewise, pre-registration is not necessary for the activity.

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