• Claror Marítim

    Official website of Claror Marítim, the only Thalassotherapy center in Barcelona. You will enjoy 6.400 square meters of sports facilities in the heart of Barceloneta! Whatever your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of fitness activities, personal trainer and a full range of health services.
    www.claror.cat / maritim


    Technique used to treat myofascial pain syndrome by mechanical stimulation of a needle.


  • Claror Live: Enjoy live classes from wherever you want

    If you are a Claror subscriber, don't miss the new customer space that we have opened with the reopening of the clubs. We have launched an exclusive online space only for subscribers / from where you will find: Live classes to do from wherever you want in Streaming ...


  • Get wet online for multiple sclerosis!

    Once again, from the Claror Group, we want to get wet for the 9.000 people who have multiple sclerosis in Catalonia. Due to the current situation, this year we will not perform the Wet at our facilities, but you can get wet by buying at ...


  • At Claror Clubs we are ready!

    The whole Claror Clubs team is waiting for you today, ready, trained and eager! In the images you can see the training day we did last Friday with the whole team of workers clubs. We look forward to seeing you clubs ;)


  • We launch the new Customer Area | Claror Live

    Today we launch the new space for subscribers / from Claror, a digital space from which we will bring you new valuable content. You will have open access to the space until July 1, from that date you will only be able to access it from Claror subscribers! From ...


  • Check the activity schedules that we will do from Monday 22 and the new online booking system

    You can now consult from the web the new schedules of activities that begin from next Monday, June 22 when we open the clubs. NEWS! ONLINE BOOKING In order to guarantee the safety of everyone, from the reopening of next Monday, June 22, we will have ...


  • Watch the new video and hear it again!

    We have a very special message for you, because we really want to see you, to train together, to share special moments at the club. Click the image link, and hear it again!


  • Solidarity challenge achieved!

    We are very happy to share with you that we have achieved the solidarity challenge in favor of the Hospital del Mar! Since we started it with the solidarity virtual master's degree for Sant Jordi, we have added 117 donations and, three days after the end ...



    Activity where different stretching techniques are applied with the aim of improving joint mobility and muscle elongation.



    Training formed by different work stations arranged in the form of a circuit, where it is changed from one to the other, maintaining a working time and rest indicated by the technician.



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