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  • Experiences Xp15 'Claror: the best 15 minute workout in the fitness room

    Often when we go to the gym we have different goals in mind: toning, weight loss, postural improvement, etc. ... And we want to achieve these results quickly, fun and efficiently. At Claror, we have launched the new activities ...


  • 10% Discounts on Mizuno articles for the Claror Group subscribers and subscribers

    The Claror Foundation has reached an agreement with Mizuno so that all the subscribers and subscribers of Clubs Claror enjoy 10% discount on the purchase of articles of this brand that are made through the web runnerinn.com How ...


  • Find the balance between body and mind with Taichi and Yoga

    A good way to complement your training is with the disciplines that work on the body and mind dimensions, such as Yoga and Taichí. In the Claror Cartagena, we offer you courses of 2 activities from October to June and ...


  • Claror, together against overweight and obesity!

    This November 12 Tuesdays is celebrated on World Obesity Day, with the aim of raising awareness, preventing and controlling overweight and obesity. The Claror Clubs want to take advantage of this day to insist on the importance ...


  • Make your weekly training plan

    Weekly organizing the activities you will do at the gym will turn your training into a fun and varied plan, breaking the monotony that sometimes we impose ourselves, routinely, for the sake of trying new things and / or by ignorance. Activities...


  • Do you want to share a vehicle to come to do sport in Can Caralleu? Doing it, moving too little cost!

    It is clear that Can Caralleu is not the most well connected area, at the level of public transport, and often a large part of those who practice sports or work at the club we choose to come by car or motorcycle. To try to mitigate the polluting effect of these ...


  • Veevo by Claror, the most complete training in 45 minutes

    Veevo by Claror is a unique, effective and fun training method designed by the Veevo team of professionals that consists of a 45 minute session in which many calories burn, the adrenaline is run and it is over. .


  • We release Ballet Fit! Come try it and put it in shape dancing

    This season at Can Caralleu we incorporate Ballet Fit into the offer of activities included in the Can Caralleu quota. This is an innovative discipline based on the technique of classical ballet and combined with fitness elements. This choreographed activity ...


  • Discover the new Veevo by Claror boutique at Claror Sardenya!

    Al Claror Sardenya We have released the new Veevo by Claror boutique, exclusively and free for subscribers and subscribers of the club. It is a unique, effective and fun training method designed by the team of professionals ...


  • Pregnancy and swimming

    During pregnancy, it is important to continue doing sports. Women's body is prepared to maintain a good dose of physical activity during this stage, but the intensity must be adapted to the capabilities and conditions of each woman, ...



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