Sports activity to learn or perfect the most relevant technical and tactical aspects of basketball while improving the level of physical fitness associated with this sports discipline. . The levels are differentiated by the degree of complexity of the techniques ...



    It improves your muscular and cardiovascular resistance with a work divided into different work stations and with short series.


  • At Llinars Sports we help you find a partner to play paddle or tennis

    Llinars Sports is still betting on racket sports and now it has a space on its Facebook page where you can publish your ad to find a paddle or tennis partner. You just have to follow the page ...


  • Point your children to the summer camps for children and youth between 3 and 16 years

    During the summer school vacations, the CEM Can Caralleu organizes a leisure program for young people with different activities and proposals. One of the novelties of this year is that a draw will be held to assign an appointment for the registration of ...


  • The benefits of working with the figure of a personal trainer

    In recent years, the figure of the personal trainer has emerged, which has gained strength thanks to the excellent results that are obtained with his work. The personal trainer makes the student improve in cardiovascular health, which loses weight, ...


  • Health tips to prepare a trip and prevent the spread of infectious diseases

    The number of travelers that travel to tropical or exotic countries both for tourism and mountaineering or other adventure sports increases year after year. In many of these countries there is a high risk of contagion of infectious diseases that are ...


  • Archeology talks and talks by Felip Masó

    Do not miss out on discussions by Felip Masó, an archeologist and specialist in the history of the ancient Near East. The gatherings are open to everyone. 6 in June will be the date of the last meeting of the cultural program ...



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