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  • SeniorFIT, your activity

    Older people who remain physically active manage to slow down or attenuate and even reverse many of the effects of age, which has a positive impact on both the person directly and society. Exercise is a ...


  • Ideas to improve children's snacks

    In many cases, our children's snack after school has become a meal full of sugars, industrial flours, refined fats and additives ... more guided by children's desires and, why not say- ho, of the little planning ...


  • Spinning watts, power training

    In this article we tell you what Spinning Watts training is like and its benefits. Before we get into the subject, however, we need to be clear about some concepts. Spinning, watts and FTP SPINNING: It is a type of training ...


  • Why is it harder to lose weight after the age of 40?

    From the age of 40, many women start to suffer from headaches because they can't lose weight, and they comment: 'is possible...


  • What is spring asthenia?

    Spring asthenia is that feeling of general fatigue or weakness that we feel when the change of season comes, and that has nothing to do with physical exertion. Causes The causes of asthenia ...


  • Women and sports

    Ever since the American athlete Kathrine Switzer challenged the social norms of the time participating in the Boston Marathon in 1967, registering with the initials of her name so that they would not realize that she was a woman, until celebrating ...


  • Continuous Aerobic Training Vs. interval training

    It's time to go out to train and ask yourself the typical question: do I do continuous or interval training? Continuous training Continuous training is one where the intensity of work is maintained throughout the training time ...


  • Do you want to learn to swim, improve your swimming technique or take care of yourself in the pool? The Personal Trainer helps you

    There are several ways to lose your fear of the water, learn to swim, improve your swimming technique and take care of your fitness in the aquatic environment, but none is as effective and with the best guarantee of success. , ...


  • Tips for getting started in running

    Now is a good time for outdoor sports. It is the ideal time to practice sports such as cycling, open water swimming, Nordic walking and, of course, running. Running, or running ...


  • Wednesday, November 11 at 13 p.m., rally to claim that Sport is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE

    The sports sector is convening a rally next Wednesday 11 November at 13 pm in Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona to claim that Sport is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE and is part of the solution to fight the coronavirus. Federations, ...



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