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You already have the 'agenda In March, ask what you can do!

6 in March, 2019

L 'agenda of special activities in March is already ready, look at everything you can do:

Clínic Natació: new trends in Crol
Friday 1 of March 19h

Get into the world of swimming and the new tendencies in crol to train different: technique, movements and fluidity.
Subscribers 12 € | Registration at reception | Green Pool

Swimtag Challenge: Cross the Lake of Banyoles
From March 4 to 10

The first to achieve the complete challenge will win a technical training session of 30 'in the style you choose with one of our personal trainers. All participants will enter the draw of two menus at La Cafeteria and 2 packs of sports equipment.
Free subscribers / des | Blue Pool

Workshop of cervical pain
Tuesday 5 of March 10.45h

Exercises to prevent and alleviate cervical load and discomfort.
Subscribers / from 5 € | Registration at reception | Room 2

Women's Party and Market
Saturday 9 from March from 9 to 14h

Matinal sports in women's and women's handicraft market. Gifts and promotions for all participants!

Solidarity Challenge Let's Move
From 11 to 30 in March

Join the challenge in the My appwellness, sum moves supportive, and help us to get sports equipment for the BCN Sport Association.
Free subscribers / des | Fitness room

Taller de Mat-Fit Stretch
Tuesday 12 of March 21h

Work on stretching muscles and relaxation on the Mat-Fit.
Free subscribers / des | Inscriptions to the totem of activities | Green pool

Official premiere of the new mills
Monday 18 of March

9.30h Body Pump | Marta and Joan | Room 1
13.30h CX WORX | Joan Natàlia | Room 1
18.10h Body Balance | Mireia and Noemí | Room 3
19.10h Body Pump | Sara M. and Noemí | Room 1

Thursday March 21

9.30h Sh'bam | Esteban and Pau | Room 1

Saturday 23 in March

11h Body Pump | Ainoa | Room 1
12.10h Body Balance | Ainoa | Room 1

Laurel therapy workshops
World Day of Happiness

Wednesday 20 of March 14h

Thursday 21 of March 18.30h
Improve your physical and psychological state through laughter, we'll make you sick!
Free for subscribers / des | Inscriptions to the totem of activities | Room 2

Mountain crests
Saturday 23 in March

17 and 8km + Cros courses for 2 and 4km, for the Parc de Collserola.
All the information and inscriptions to

Yoga Nidra
Wednesday 27 of March 10.30h

Experience the conscious dream to free and relax mental tensions, and generate harmony to all facets of your being.
Free for subscribers / des | Inscriptions to the totem of activities | Room 3

Tennis Monograph: The reverse
Thursday 28 of March 10.30h or 19h

Technique and practice of the reverses to one and 2 hands, biomedical observation and study in video.
Subscribers / trainees and 9 € | Registration at reception

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