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It reduces fat and increases the muscles with Aquacross Claror

9 October, 2019

You have tried theAquacross Claror? It is one of the new activities included in the quota, where high intensity exercises are carried out in the deep pool and on the beach. It is a circuit-operated (HIIT) training system, where 7 patterns of movement work, and where the objective is to improve body composition globally, reduce% fat and increase muscles.

THE'Aquacross Claror It is a high intensity activity designed to achieve your goals:
· Cream intensely: reduce your body fat and shape your body.
· Be stronger: Increase your strength and your resistance.
· Complement your training: It will allow you to improve performance in your favorite sport, both individual and team.
· Work safely: It reduces the impact on your joints and the risk of injury.
· It exceeds your limits: Compete with yourself and with others!

If you are looking for new challenges, overtake yourself and like the competition, this is your activity.

You can check the timetable from Aquacross Claror here.

To know more read the report of the Claror Magazine.
Go to the limit!

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