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Do you have more than 60? Participate in the activities of the Senior Week, from 1 to 5 in October

20 September, 2018

The 1 week of 5 in October will be especially dedicated to those over the age of 60, with sessions totally designed to provide different activities.

Here's the schedule of the week:

Monday 1
Workshop: Balance and self-esteem and how to prevent falls
at 11.30h | Room 3 | Pilar Clapés
Place reservation for the totem of activities 'Events'

Waterfalls: Work to increase the joint range
at 12h | Swimming pool | Emma Pont

Tuesday 2
Workshop: The painful knee
at 10.45h | Room 3 | Pilar Clapés
Place reservation for the totem of activities 'Events'

Social Ball
at 11.30h | Room 1 | Bethlehem Castiñeiras

Thursday 4
Waterfall: Work of the force
at 12h | Swimming pool | Esteban Russo

Friday 5
Water jet: Self-cleaning tools
at 8.30h | Swimming pool | Emma Pont

These activities are open and free for subscribers (and a companion in the Social Ball session).

We wait for you!

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