Celebrate the most sporty carnival in the Circ de Can Caralleu and earn one month for free!

20 February, 2019

The Carnival is a very special celebration and that is why we have prepared a lot of activities for you to live intensely in your club:

Monday 25
9.30h Aiguagim | Bárbara | Green Pool
20.10h Stretch and Balance Cirque du Soleil | Mireia | Room 3

Tuesday 26
7.40h Aiguamat Zumba | Esteban | Blue Pool
8.30h Stretch and Balance Cirque du Soleil | Mireia | Room 3
9.15h Aiguafitness Circus | Esteban | Blue Pool
10h Aiguacirc | Neus | Blue Pool

Wednesday 27
7.15h Spining Pachanga
| Marta | Spining Room *
19.20h Aiguamat juggling and balancing | Maria | Green Pool
20.10h Suspension and proprioception TRX-BOSU | Ainoa | Room 1
20.15h Spining 80's | Noemí | Spining Room *

Thursday 28
7.40h Aiguamat juggling and balancing
| Esteban | Blue Pool
9.30h Sh'bam Carnival | Esteban | Room 1
9.30h Indoor Surprise | Natàlia | Indoor Walking Room *
12h Aiguadolça 'Remove the rhythm from inside' | Esteban | Green Pool
19.15h Zumba Carnival | Beli i Ainoa | Room 1

Friday 1
7.45h Aiguafitness Carnival | Susanna | Blue Pool
9.30h Aiguazumba | Bárbara | Green Pool

Saturday 2
10h Spining
| Sara M. | Spining Room *

* Registration to the reserve stock totem

Free activities for subscribers and subscribers of Can Caralleu.

Instagram Contest
1. Take a picture on p of reception and upload it to your Instagram profile
2. Include the tags #cancaralleu #carnaval2019
3. Follow us on @cancaralleu

We will set a free month for all participants!

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