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This February, put on the cap for children with cancer!

8 February, 2019

Since brightness we re-adhere to the campaign 'Put on the cap' driven by theAFANOC and whose objective is to obtain resources to finance all the services and actions that the entity offers free of charge for families with children or adolescents with cancer.

The 2001 campaign is born of the need to share the reality of children and adolescents with cancer and their families in a fun and festive environment, in order to normalize the illness and alleviate the needs that arise from their diagnosis .

The campaign is the first source of resources to finance the services that the AFANOC offers from hospitals, delegations and the House of the Xuklis. Therefore, the "Put on the Cap!" It is the campaign that most represents and identifies AFANOC.

From'11 to 22 in February You will find the hats at the reception desk clubs at a price of 7 euros (up to inventory exhaustion).

You will find more information at:

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