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1 challenge every day to celebrate the World Week of Physical Activity and Health, you can win a prize!

1 April, 2019

The 6 and 7 days in April celebrate World Physical Activity and Health days, and although we know that you are already an active person, we propose 7 challenges to do this week and register them in the " My appwellness

From 1 to 7 in April we celebrate the World Days of Physical Activity and Health, and to do this, we propose to meet every day.

How can you participate?
You must sign up for the My applicationwellness, sign up for the challenge and register the following:

1 of April: 5km on the treadmill of the Fitness Room
2 of April: 15km by bike of the Fitness Room
3 April: 3.000m with the Fitness Room Remake
4 of April: 2 grid sessions (add them to Mywellness)
5 of April: + 30 minutes of active transport: on foot and by bike
6 of April: 1.000 moves to the Fitness Room, or to the Swimtag Pool (connected to Mywellness)
7 of April: + 45 minutes of free physical activity

If you complete all the challenges you will enter draw of prizes:
1 monthly installment
1 massage of 30 minutes
1 Pack Personal training of 4 sessions

Activate life, improve life!

How to download the App Mywellness?
Here are the links to download for both Android (Google Play) and for IOS (App Store).

You can also sign up for Mywellness Cloud in the computer desktop version on
You need to enter the same email that you indicated when you signed up for Can Caralleu. If you did not provide us with any email, go for a reception to give it and we will introduce it to your subscriber card, so you will be up to date with everything that happens in your club.

What is Swimtag?
At Can Caralleu we offer swimtag bracelets, which will optimize your swimming training with the platform you send, counting moves directly to the Mywellnes app.
This service is Free and exclusive for subscribers and subscribers.

How do I do it?
To enjoy it you just have to follow these steps:
1 Go to the bracelet totem at reception
2 Validate with your Technogym wristband
3 Grab Swimtag bracelet that tells you
4 Train yourself to the pool
5 Return the bracelet to the totem
6 Sign up for the silverware Swimtag (this will only have to be done the first time you use the bracelet)
7 Check your training data on Swimtag and accumulate moves in the My appwellness

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