Sport in family, healthy and fun

16 May, 2019

The practice of sport in the family brings us a series of benefits, both physically and psychologically, which make this habit healthier and more fun.

Nowadays, everyone is clear that practicing sport is essential in childhood and adolescence, As well as, of course, it is also during adulthood. Adults are the main references of girls and boys, especially mothers and fathers. Therefore, as referents, To practice sports with the family is the best way to enhance the passion for sport from very young and help grow our children in the best possible way.

The practice of family sports also brings us a series of benefits, both physically and psychologically, which make this habit healthier as well as fun.

  • At the physical level we can talk about different areas of improvement such as the bone, the pathological, the motor and the cognitive.
  • On the one hand, at the bone level, studies show that physical activity practiced since childhood is an excellent way of preventing possible fractures, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis at more advanced ages. In adults, it increases bone density, reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and fights the menopause effect in women.
  • At a pathological level, physical activity plays a big role in the prevention of a large number of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases or 2 type diabetes, which is increasing every day among the child population.
  • At the motor level, it helps children develop basic conditional skills: strength, speed, resistance and flexibility, balance, coordination, body expression, laterality ... In the adult stage, all these aspects continue Working with exercise, contributing to enhancing the flexibility of the joints and also reducing the feeling of fatigue.
  • On a cognitive level, sport has a positive influence on our memory capacity, executive functions, effort and concentration. Therefore, the connection of sport in the improvement of the academic performance of children and their self-esteem is undeniable.
  • For the psychological side we can speak of the general improvement of the mood and the strengthening of the mother / father-child relationship, as well as the prevention of sedentary lifestyle, the inculcation of positive values, Provide quality free time among many other things.

At Clubs Claror both children and families, they are an inseparable part of our way of understanding our passion: sport. So much so that one of our main subscriptions is the Family Fee, where there is a large part of our social mass. With the arrival of good weather, it is a great time to come and try ours classes in family What do we do at Claror Clubs?

Do not let the opportunity to carry out such a profitable activity for physical and psychological health, and at the same time allow you to strengthen family ties.
We wait for you!

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