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Let's fit! All youth fitness and sport from the 13 years

9 May, 2019

If you have more than 13 years old, you will find a wide range of sports opportunities so you can train every day!

Access to the fitness room with the personalized advice of a sports technician.
From Monday to Friday from 15h to 18h
Saturday from 12h to 14h and from 16h to 20h
Sunday 12 to 14h

Sh'bam, Zumba and Indoor walking
If you have 15 years old you can come alone, and if you have 13 in 15 you can do it with the accompaniment of an adult.
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Course of mastery and refinement of the different styles aimed at boys and girls who swim very well and can begin to work on the style mechanics. Initiation is also carried out on various water sports (flippers, water polo ...)
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Initiation to the Triathlon
Activity that combines swimming (Thursday), running and spining (Tuesday), aimed at young people who want to start in this sport mode. We need to know how to swim.
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Improvement of the race technique, working on the improvement of the basic physical capacities, speed, resistance and coordination, and the general physical condition. The intensity of the training adapts to the physical condition and level of the group.
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Paddle and Tennis School
Learn all the technical gestures to play, with any level:
Check them out Paddle schedules.
Check them out Tennis schedules.

It works the sense of balance, the perception of the body in space and the improvement of physical condition. Discipline and respect for the opponent are the main attitudes of this martial art. Participates in school competitions adapted to all levels.
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Swimming pool
Free use of our pools.

Come on to your colleagues and come together to train!

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