35 edition of La Milla Sagrada Familia

Everything you need to know about La Milla this Sunday, 5 May

3 May, 2019

If you have enrolled in La Milla Sagrada Familia or the Masters of Fitness this Sunday, May, 5, you can not miss these last recommendations we make from the organization.

If you have enrolled in La Milla Sagrada Familia or at Masters of Fitness This Sunday, May 5, you can not miss these last recommendations that we make from the organization.

Collection dorsal and rack bag
It is essential that you come to pick up your number at Claror Sardenya (calle Sardenya, 333) in these two days:
- 3 Fridays in May, from 16 to 20.30h.
- Saturday 4 May, from 9 to 14.00h.
You need to stick the dorsal to your chest (do not sew it). Remember also that when you come to collect the number, you will have a gift t-shirt!
Schedule of races
The series, structured by age, goes out every 15 minutes. Check all of these here timetable!

Weather forecast
See weather forecast for the day of the race. So you can choose the best material to face the race.
The race will be carried out as long as the organization has guarantees that weather conditions do not jeopardize the physical integrity of the corridors. If applicable, the annulment of the test will be decided.

Come with time and in public transport
The Sagrada Familia Mile takes place on Mallorca Street, between Lepant and Sicily. It is best to take public transport as it is difficult to find parking if you come with a private vehicle and there will be several carved streets.

Points of interest on the day of the race
Dorsals and wardrobe: Sardinia - Provence.
Departure and arrival: in Mallorca - Sardinia.
Access to the exit arch: in Mallorca - Passatge de Font. It will be signposted with two large balloons of helium oranges.
Awards: Podi located in the chamfer of Mallorca - Sardinia, after each race.
WC: at the chamfer of Sardinia - Provence.

Upon the arrival of the race you will have water and isotonic drink.

Village and Masters of Fitness
We will celebrate throughout the morning family activities to the village, along the Sardinian street, between Provence and Mallorca. You will find a face-to-face workshop for the little ones, a photomontage for remembering that day, a children's gymkhana and many more surprises!
We also organize Masters of Fitness during the morning, in Sardinia - Provence. And you can participate in the contest! We create two sportswear packs Mizuno, valued at € 150 each. Come to the Claror Tent and we'll let you know!

Follow the news of the Milla on social networks
We recommend you follow us on Facebook, Instagram i Twitter to have access to the news of the Mile. We encourage you to share your morning publications on social networks with the hashtag #lamillaclaror i #clubsclaror.

Strong and many spirits yes!

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