Special promotion subscribers FIT12

If you are FIT12 you're in luck, this February WIN 4 tickets to Claror Marítim with Spa System

1 February, 2019

If you are FIT12 You're in luck, because we were raffling this February 4 tickets to Claror Marítim with Spa System, valued at 100 €.

Enjoy a day with your family or friends at the Claror Marítim Spa, the best urban spa in Barcelona.

Experience new sensations in a place where you can relax, disconnect and dedicate yourself exclusively to you. You will experience your great moment at the Spa Marítimo, where you can enjoy various facilities:

  • Take yourself to the nature with the fresh air, rain and rain shower sensation showers
  • Experience moments of contrasts with the warm pool (33,5 °) and its waterfalls and the cold pool (21 °)
  • Balance your body with the infrared rest area

The 28 in February will draw a draw between all subscribers FIT12 of the club!

You still do not know the advantages of the Plan FIT12 of your club? Check them out here:

If you are not yet FIT12, get in the front desk! ;)

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