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Join the basketball league for adults on Claror Marítim!

22 September, 2019

At Claror Marítim we start thinking about the start of the course, so be prepared: build your team and participate in the new Basketball League for adults!
· League of 2 phases, playing at least 26 matches.
· With referee and federated scorer.
· In a unique environment, to a club facing the sea.
Practice this team sport in a fun and fun way!
A match will be played per week at the Claror Marítim pavilion during the regular season. And 2 matches per week during the eliminatory phase (3a phase), being round trip format.
Where will it be played?
At the Claror Marítim pavilion (Pg. Marítim, 33 Barcelona)
The league will begin the 14 of October and will end the match of the final in June.
Days and hours
The matches will always be played from monday to wednesday on noon, from 13.30 to 15h.
During the Christmas period and Holy Week there will be no league competition.
The regulations of the FIBA ​​regulation will be used and the parties will be whistled by federal referees.
The total price of the league is 1.690 €
· T-shirt for each participant
· Medical coverage
· Gift for the finalists teams
Forms of payment:
· One payment: 1.521 € - 10% discount!
· Two payments: 845 € each
The payment must be made by bank transfer to the following account number: ES50 2038 9208 7660 0018 BANKIA
The concept must be included: Basketball League + team name. Registration until 21 in September.
Once the payment is made, you must send an email to msanchezl with this registration form and the proof of payment, name of the team and name of the captain.

There are no excuses for not playing basketball anymore!

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