To the water

Babies in the water! The first contact with swimming

15 February, 2019

Get to know all the motor, cognitive and affective benefits of your baby's first contact with water and sports.

The aquatic activity for babies is the first contact of the smallest of the house with ours clubs. This activity is aimed at children between 3 and 24 months, and the active participation of the father, mother or family member is always incorporated.

The main objective is to familiarize the babies with the aquatic environment, strengthen the bond and the affective relationship with parents, experience and expand the baby's motor responses and develop and enhance cognitive abilities.

The contents are presented with sequences from small to greater difficulty, and always adapted to the different evolutionary characteristics of the baby. We allow the child to live his own experiences without external impositions to his will.
The activity must always create pleasant and positive situations, and it is the response of the parents and children that gives us the pace of evolution of the contents of the sessions. Use game and recreational forms as inducers of the activity.

We perform a weekly session of 30 minutes of work in a small group in the shallow pool, with a water temperature of approximately 32 degrees.
Parents have a conditioned area that is enabled to change their children before beginning the activity and once completed, in a comfortable and fast way to avoid temperature changes. It is a privileged time for parents, mothers and children so that everyone can enjoy themselves and relax in the water.

We look forward to experiencing this experience with us!

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