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The works of expansion of the car park of Can Caralleu begin

28 October, 2019

This november the works of expansion of the car park of subscribers and subscribers of Can Caralleu will begin, which will pass from the current 30 to 46 seats, a increase of 50%, and they will have a size of 2,5x5 meters.

L 'Current parking will be in use during the works, which will not affect virtually the use of current squares, except at some point time.

The works will consist of winning and clearing ground of the slope of the east zone of the current parking lot. The The completion of the works is planned by the end of December, so we will be opening the new year with more available seats.

The system payment and price will be maintained as before, except for the annual increase of the CPI.

These works represent the first phase of the great remodeling works that will improve the club during the 2020, after which you will enjoy one Club absolutely renovated, rearranged and expanded, with new and modern spaces And more of activities included in the quota, without any cost increase in the credit.

It is expected that the second phase will start at the beginning of the year and soon we will have the information available.

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