In shape

AquaCross: new intense group training in the pool!

18 May, 2016

AquaCross designed by Claror is a new group training program in the pool, both inside and outside the water, with individual and team work. It reduces fat, increases your strength and molds your body by training in the water. And all this in only 24 weeks!

AquaCross is a high-intensity cross-training activity.
· Burn intensely: Reduce your body fat and shape your body.
· Be stronger: Increase your strength and your resistance.
· Complement your training: Improve performance in your favorite sport, both individual and team.
· Work safely: It reduces the impact on your joints and the risk of injury.
· Overcome your limits: Compete with yourself and with others!

You can do this activity on Claror Marítim. Check all the information here

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