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10 October, add yourself to World Mental Health Day

9 October, 2019

El 10 in October is commemorating the World Mental Health Day and Claror is very aware that in order to enjoy a complete well-being, it is necessary to take care of body, mind and surroundings. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is a "complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just an absence of conditions or illness."

La World Federation for Mental Health Relates this welfare state with three factors:

  • How do we feel with ourselves?
  • How do we feel with others?
  • How do we respond to the demands of life?

Any of these factors can alter our well-being and cause a mental illness, that is, a disorder in the brain that results in a serious alteration in thought, feelings, emotions or behavior. We find it in many degrees and nobody is free to suffer at some point in their lives. In fact, anguish and depression are the most common disorders and have already become the main cause of labor loss worldwide. There are studies that claim that in the western world, one in five people every year suffers from mental illness.

Inclusion vs stigma

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of having a mental disorder is that the affected person feels excluded from the society in which he lives, which generates deep inequalities. At Claror we work with many organizations that work with people suffering from mental health disorders by offering them leisure opportunities and sports practice as a way of getting over, socializing, contributing to their physical and emotional well-being in a standardized and inclusive environment.

Entities we support

Association We Learn

They work for the inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder, especially children. We work together from 2015, organizing a pool activity in Claror Cartagena for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years.

Asociación de Familiares Alzheimer de Barcelona

The entity aims to improve the quality of life of the sick person of Alzheimer's and his family. From 2017, a group of people enjoy the small pool of Claror Cartagena weekly.

Grup Caliu - The Ateneu Divers

It offers a leisure and culture service for adults with intellectual disabilities with intermittent and limited support needs. We collaborate from 2018 by offering access to them clubs Sports so they can participate in grill activities in small groups.

CPB Foundation - Dr. Fábregas. Social Club Right of the Eixample

Located in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, we share community tables and we have promoted the Health Routes project along with other agents of the neighborhood. From 2018 we take care of the walks through the neighborhood of the collective user of the Social Club and also have a weekly multipurpose room Claror Sardenya to carry out the trials of the theater group.

Barcelona Sports Association

It is dedicated to promoting the physical and sporting activity of people with intellectual disabilities. At Can Caralleu, I give them 15 weekly hours of sports spaces and two tournaments, petanque and football hall are held at the club.

Apart from the entities with whom we have an agreement, many more attend clubs, among them: Fasia School, Nadís School, Pedralbes Center Association, Sarrià-Les Corts Mental Health Center, Boscana Foundation or Casa Tres Pins.

One of the great challenges: labor insertion

Job placement is a very important step to avoid exclusion. That is why many entities focus much of the efforts to create alliances with other organizations to promote hiring or directly create Special Employment Centers with which they achieve three objectives: to work for the users of the entity, to provide services to society and generate a source of financing.

At Claror we try to hire services at special work centers and we have started the first experiences in job placement.

Center l'Alba

The entity is devoted to the observation, study and investigation of psychiatric mental disorders among children and adolescents and offers services to enable the treatment, creation of the social loop and rehabilitation. With the Center l'Alba we have started the path of job placement in Can Caralleu with a very successful first experience.

Fundación Joia - CET Apunts

The Joia Foundation offers social and employment insertion services to people suffering from mental health disorders. Claror contracted at his Special Center for work, Notes, copying and distribution services.

Estel Tapia Association - Special Working Center Tapiac Tapestry

The CET Estel Tapia employs people with disabilities and offers tailor made services. The type of service offered by Estel Tapia allows Claror to make a circular economy. Each year we take care of converting unused clothes or banners into gifts to give to all the employees of the entity: purses, cases, bag for sandwiches ...

Work health

We have to take care of our mental health always but it is also important that our environment facilitate it. In the workplace, all organizations need to be aware that they are responsible for the mental health of their team and that they must create initiatives to take care of them. Claror conducts climate and psychosocial surveys on the team, in order to know their welfare status at work. Both surveys provide us with information that allows us to carry out improvement actions.

We have also designed a Leadership Manual so that teams feel better informed, cohesive and encourage the participation of all people.

And as it could not be otherwise, the whole team can use Claror Clubs, because physical activity practice is a good way to prevent mental health disorders caused by overload and stress in life daily

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