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Esplais and Summer Campus, preferential registrations from 25 in March!

11 in March, 2019

We already have the offer here Spas and summer campuses of Claror Sardenya, so your daughters and children spend a fun and fun summer!
Al Claror Sardenya We want your kids to have more fun with our Esplais and Campus this summer, a world of innovative and creative activities for children and young people from 3 at the age of 17!
In all the activities you will enjoy:
· One center of interest
· A little while pool Every day in the same installation
· A team of technicians with experience, graduates and mandatory legal requirements
· Menus Made at the moment in its own kitchen and with most organic products
· Registration for weeks for maximum flexibility
· Flexibility of schedules between the 8 and 17h
· Welcome service from 8 to 8.45h for only 2 € per day
Esplai Artistic Creation
Do you have a creative soul and you like art, painting, music or constructions? Well this is your relaxation!
Find all the information here
Esplai English Kids
Learn English while having fun! All the games and activities of this recreational recreation are developed in English. The technicians have the degree of monitor and / or director of leisure and specialists in English.
Find all the information here
Travel Travel to the center of the earth
Become an intrepid explorer and discover the secrets and mysteries of the interior of the earth through games, activities and adventures that you will not forget!
Find all the information here
Young fitness campus
Get started in the world of fitness with activities such as spining, bodypump, indoor walking, aquatic mud, ... and learn to acquire healthy habits. The technicians are professionals of the sport with experience and qualification.
Find all the information here
Campus Olímpia de Bàsquet
If you like basketball, come and learn your technique and tactics, accompanied by professional basketball technicians, qualified in this discipline and with experience!
Find all the information here
Campus Olímpia de Danza
Learn to dance from choreographies of different styles (hip-hop, jazz, funky, etc.) and discover new movements and rhythms. We will make an outing related to dance. The technicians have the specific degree of dance and experience in the world of dance.
Find all the information here
Campus Skating
Learn to skate from a choreography that will work on the basic elements of artistic skating such as balance, rhythm and musicality. The techniques have the specific title of skating and experience.
Find all the information here
Volley Campus
Learn to play volleyball by working the values ​​of team sports (cooperation, respect and companionship) and technical elements (fingertips or forearm, service, position in the field and different game situations). We will make a weekly departure related to the Volei. The technicians are titled and experienced flying coaches.
Find all the information here
· Registration subscribers: From 25 from March to 10 in April (limited places)
· Registration open: we will carry out one lucky draw in order to appoint an appointment for the registration of the open turn, which begins the 27 of April. From 25 from March to 10 in April we open the deadline for grab number al Claror Sardenya. Each family will be assigned a single number, which will be totally non-transferable. The day 12 in April we will make the draw and we will publish the assigned hours in order to formalize the registration on 27 in April.
Download the full program in pdf here!
If you want tips to choose spas and campus for your children, read the article Claror Magazine:

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