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The 7 enhancements provided by having a Healthy Business

All the studies show it: companies that facilitate their workers to practice physical activity habitually achieve 7 great improvements:

1. Improve him work climate between the workers and strengthens the feeling of belonging to the company
2. Improve him performance I la productivity
3. Improve the quality of work
4. Improve tax ratesabsenteeism
5. Improve them Medical-healthcare costs
6. Improve the corporative image of the company
7. And ... Improve the satisfaction of the customer!

More information
If you want to know all the benefits of sport, the company reads this report from the Claror Magazine

What is the Healthy Business Program?

The Claror Healthy Business Program is an innovative service that organizes sports and sports activities wellness of all kinds for companies both in their premises and ours clubs sporty We offer a wide variety of proposals that will help you promote physical activity in your company.

Training plans
We make training plans for your employees in which workers can receive an initial test to obtain a diagnosis, personalized advice, a medical visit to detect risk factors, a personalized training program and a "retest" every three months for to monitor.

Activa't program
In addition, the workers of our healthy companies can be accommodated in the Activa't Program clubs Claror, thanks to which they can achieve their goals (Press, Modify, Relax, Reinforce, Move, Vitalify and Recapture).

Training sessions
We offer training sessions to achieve healthy lifestyle habits. Our professionals teach exclusive classes for groups of workers that have contracted the quota and also make customized programs for work gymnastics.

Preparation of sports challenges
On the other hand, from ours clubs We help to prepare all kinds of sporting events for companies with the aim of being inspiring and unforgettable moments.

Team building activities
We can do from a paddle competition to a team building on the beach, a spin masterclass, a relaxing thalassotherapy circuit or a session of pilates in the open air.

In addition, we put all that is necessary for all activity to be an unforgettable event: experienced instructors, activity halls, facilities, audiovisual equipment, catering services and hostesses. You just need to contact our Department of Fitness Events and together we make it possible.

Contact us and we help you to make your company healthy

If you want more information about the Empresa Saludable de Claror Program, please contact Cristina Rueff, Director of sales and personal attention of Claror by sending an email to resellable business @claror.cat

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