Can Caralleu Esport Foundation


The 22 of December of 1998 the Municipal Plenary of the City Council of Barcelona unanimously granted the management of the Sports Complex of Can Caralleu to the project presented jointly by the Center Excursionista de Catalunya, the Claror Foundation and the Ramon Llull University.

The 24 in March was born a new entity with its own legal personality formed by these three entities with the aim of managing the sports center, under concession, for the following 35 years. The Association of entities for the management of Can Caralleu has been a non-profit entity, allocating all the economic resources to the center's own improvements.

In the year 2014, once the first 15 years of management and the consolidated management project had been exceeded, the three entities decided to go one step further and make the project exceed the initial interest of the three entities and become a general interest project. Thus, they decided to transform their association into a Foundation. The Can Caralleu Esport Foundation was constituted, by transformation, 23 of December of the 2014.

This new Foundation shares the spirit and management style of the Claror Foundation, the entity from the beginning of which was responsible for the management of sports equipment.


a) The promotion, promotion, promotion, practice (federated and leisure) and the teaching of sport and sports activity in its different manifestations under the principle of sport for all, along with the activities of recreation and leisure and complementary to the previous object.

b) The realization of health and healthcare services to complete the previous object.

c) Cultural and welfare activities and those related to cooperation and solidarity with entities or projects of a social and non-profit nature.

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