The Can Caralleu Esport Foundation has adopted, in recent years, the management model of the Claror Foundation, which incorporates all the features of quality in the service of the user. This model is inspired by the business excellence model of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality and Management).

Process-based management

The central element of this management model is the "process-based management", which aims to assign operational responsibilities based on what really impacts customer service and that our teams can assume from beginning to end. This forces you to forget about the charges and tasks and always think about the customer, the service offered and the way he perceives it and how he values ​​it.

Operational management system (SOG)

According to this organizational criterion, the Can Caralleu Esport Foundation has established its own map of operational processes, which becomes the organizational skeleton of management. Everyone who works in a center is part of the team of a process. The head of the process is at the top, which, as such, is part of the center's management team.

This working philosophy includes both the operating processes that are resident in the center and the other external support processes that are provided from the central areas of the Claror Foundation (see the diagram).

On this modern and client-oriented organizational structure with clearly distributed responsibilities, the Can Caralleu Esport Foundation has structured its operational management system (SOG), which, in addition to this new way of distributing and demanding responsibilities, also provides a powerful management computer tool and a homogeneous management style based on principles of total quality (TQM).

The SOG is complemented by a collection of basic documents that constitute a solid methodological base (know-how) of the system.

The Can Caralleu Esport Foundation expects the Operating Management System to be definitively completed in the next two years.

Decalogue of the excellent team

Process management promotes work in teams that share a common and common philosophy of work. This is inspired by the ten points that make up the decalogue of the excellent team:

1. Assignment and assumption of responsibility

2. The perceived result is that of the whole

3. Targeting results and customers

4. Systematic measurement of results

5. Establishment of improvement objectives

6. Decision making and formulation of proposals based on results

7. Keep track of what has been done and decided

8. Elaboration of criteria for the execution of the spots

9. The agreement as a basic formula of joint operation

10. Promotion of information, participation and enthusiasm for people

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