Welcome to MyWellness: all your physical activity in a single app

A Can Caralleu we are betting on the digitalization of the services that we offer and that is why we present the My appwellness. Mywellness It allows you to have your personalized training program and the achievement of your goals, both in the fitness room and with the physical activity you do in other sports spaces and outside the club, and all this summarized in a single application.

It also allows you to communicate online with your technician and with the rest of the members of Can Caralleu.

How and where to use MyWellness?

In the fitness room you can register when you enter the totems or any machine, through your mobile phone or your smart wristband, and you will access your custom training program or create your exercises.

Everything you do on the machines will be registered on your user card MyWellness, and you will be accumulating 'moves', which are a unit of measurement of physical activity.

You can also challenge other users of the room, for example in a virtual tour and see who is doing better.

And if you do not have your Personal Training Plan, ask your technician and help you achieve your goals.

In other sports spaces and outside the club you can register your activity through other devices and applications, which directly send the data to your My userwellness, such as Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag, Mapmy Fitness, Myfitnesspal and Withings.

You can also manually enter other moments of physical activity, such as swimming, a paddle game, etc.

That way you will have all your physical activity accumulated in a single App.

How to download the MyWellness App?

Here are the links to download for both Android (Google Play) and for IOS (App Store).

You can also sign up to Mywellness Cloud in the desktop version for computer a www.mywellness.com

You need to enter the same email that you indicated when you signed up for Can Caralleu. If you did not provide us with any mail, go through the reception to give it and we will introduce it to your subscription card, so you will be up to date with everything that happens in your club.

At the moment it is available in Spanish, but we know from a good source that this app will soon incorporate Catalan;).

Smart bracelet

We have available smart bracelets that you can use to register your physical activity in the room, as well as to enter the club. With this bracelet you will not have to take your smartphone while you train in the fitness room.

If you have an orange bracelet for access to the club, come to the reception and we will change it for one of these, until 31 in March. If you do not have it, you can buy at an intelligent wristband at the promotional price of 10 € (15 € regular price).

Accumulate 'moves'

The 'moves' are a unit of measure of how much physical activity you do each day. Accumulating 'moves' lets you know how you go each week and set individual goals.

From the club, we will also consider participating in collaborative challenges to add 'moves' for teams and clubs, some of which are worldwide and with a solidarity component.

From now on, your workout revolves!

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