Rules of the club


The regulations of the club and its clauses are those formulated by the Barcelona Sports Institute, for the municipal sports centers of the city. These clauses could be reviewed and modified in application of new criteria of the Barcelona Sports Institute.

Entry and exit procedure

Access to the center is through a digital reader located at the entrance of the center through 2-8 Sports Street, which gives way to cross the turnstile. The outside door is for use exclusively for people who carry groups and access with a card of proximity.

They have access to the facilities of the sports center Claror Can Caralleu:

1 Your subscribers.

2 People who participate in an organized activity.

3 People who make it use punctually paying the ticket.

4 Groups that perform an organized activity.

5 Spectators of football matches.

The access and exit of the users of the center are made exclusively by the Sports Street 2-8, with the exception of the public of the football matches, which must be accessed and left for independent access located a few meters further down of the main access. Persons with reduced mobility can access the center through the main access.

Sports center subscriber Claror Can Caralleu

You have to access the center by the digital reader in any of the tourniquets. On departure you must do the same operation, also indifferently to any of the tourniquets.

If the subscriber is enrolled in a certain time zone, the automatic access control allows him to enter and exit 15 minutes before and after his time zone.

Unsubscribed skaters who They participate in directed activities

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied.

You can enter the center 15 minutes before the start of the activity and at most 30 minutes after your time.

The dressing room and the space reserved for the contracted activity must be used.

People who use the center's timely use

Timely tickets

They are sold whenever the capacity of the center permits.

When paying the corresponding ticket, the payment receipt is received and must be carried out at all times.

User-friendly staff will take the personal information of the timely users for security reasons.

You can attend grill fitness activities and enjoy the pool, fitness room and athletics track.

The spaces that require prior booking can be used if they are free.

Once the center is abandoned, you can not re-enter with the same ticket.



The amount corresponding to the reserved space must be paid before entering the center.

You can enter the center 15 minutes before the start of the activity and exit 30 minutes after finishing it.

Only the reserved space can be used.

Groups that perform an organized activity

The head of the group has a proximity card to enter the whole group at the same time through the outside door and always have to remain with their players / students.

The person in charge of the group must deposit a personal identification document with photo and name at reception and in return the key of the dresser is given. The personal card will be recovered by returning the key to the dressing room, at the time that the whole team leaves the center. Therefore, the key can not be returned if there is any member of the team inside.

The changing rooms of designated groups must be used.

Only the reserved space can be used.

In the case of teams that compete, training is allowed at the center 15 minutes before the start of the activity and 30 minutes after finishing it. The day of the competition 45 minutes are allowed before the game begins and the 30 minute is completed.

In the case of leagues organized by Claror Can Caralleu, is allowed to enter the center 15 minutes before the start and must leave 30 minutes after the end.

The schools can make the entrance at most 10 minutes before the start of the activity and the exit must be just after finishing it.

In all cases, the locker rooms must be locked, empty and in good condition.

Access for special collectives

Subscribers and users with reduced mobility

The use of the lift is limited to people with reduced mobility. The sports center Claror Can Caralleu reserves the right to request the corresponding medical certificate when it deems it appropriate.

Regulations for children subscribers

Children subscribers under the age of 12

Only facilities can be accessed in the following cases:

Attendance to a course or directed activity whenever they are accompanied by an adult (tutor or technician of Claror Can Caralleu).

They will be accompanied by an adult family subscriber (greater than 18 years), who will be responsible for the minor. Whenever the center is used, both must necessarily remain in the same facilities and / or in the pool.

From the 7 years they must use the dressing room that corresponds to them

by sex

Family dressing rooms are used for parents with children and

daughters Check schedules at reception.

Summer pool

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (greater than 18 years).


Claror Can Caralleu has a regulation of use and a disciplinary regime that is applicable to all subscribers and users of the sports center, and to external groups users of the center, as well as to all people who access the center of sporadically by paying the entrance or punctual rent.

The interpretation and application or modification of this regulation is authorized by the competent body to follow the center.

The improper use of the installations and the non-compliance of the regulation may be the cause of temporary or definitive expulsion. The definitive expulsion must be decided by the competent organ of the center's follow-up.

Administrative processes

Payment of installments

The first hiring is done in the offices of the sports center Claror Can Caralleu.

The subsequent receipts will be monthly and will be charged on the first day of each month through bank receipt.

In the event of technical breakdown of a space or service for maintenance and / or adaptation tasks, the user will not be entitled to any financial compensation.

Payment of unpaid installments

The return of direct debit will result in the loss of the subscriber status. To recover it again you have to pay the pending amounts, the refund costs and the registration fees in force.

Modifications and cancellations

Notifications of cancellation and modifications of bank data must be submitted before 25 the previous month. No refund will be made if the cancellation is notified later.

The notification must be done personally, by fax or by e-mail, in such a way that the request is registered with the applicant's signature, who will be sent a confirmation of the cancellation. Any of these transactions will not be accepted by phone.

Temporary losses

The subscriber may request the temporary cancellation of payment for medical reasons, for work or study transfer, upon submission of the supporting documentation.

The period to enjoy the temporary download will be 2 and 12 minimum. If the cancellation lasts beyond the 12 months, the justification documentation must be renewed. In no case will a temporary loss be recognized retroactively, or once it has generated an unpaid quota.

Medical check-up and Start-up questionnaire for Physical Activity (QIAF)

All new subscribers have the right to a free sports medical check-up. On the other hand they have an obligation to respond to the QIAF, and based on the result, the sports medical check-up will be recommended before the start of physical activity. People over the age of 65 are also advised to do the sports medical check-up.

Homemade returns and activities

The 50% of the amount will be returned if the loss communicates 10 days before starting the activity and whenever it is due to illness or injury, prior medical justification.

Room reservations

Sports spaces, sports court, football field and pavilion can be rented by subscribers and non-subscribers, except tennis and paddle tennis, at least one of the users must be paid.

Subscribers wishing to book any sporting area must be paid on the booking schedule. You can book and pay the entrance with the 20% discount off your schedule.

Mondays at 8.00 in the morning opens the period of reservations for sports spaces for the current week. For more information about the reservation process, check the reception. All spaces can be rented up to a maximum of 2 hours in a row, with the exception of the pavilion that can only be rented for one hour.

To make use of tennis, paddle and pavilion space, you need to ask for the reception key, leaving the card in repository. When the activity is finished, it is necessary to close the space and return the key to reception in the maximum period of 15 minutes. In the event of exceeding this term, it is penalized with the corresponding amount for the rental of track each 30 minutes delay. In case of loss of the key, the amount to be paid to the administration must be paid.


Tennis and paddle rental not subscribed

The non-subscribers have the right to use the tennis and paddle courts provided they are free at the time of accessing the facilities, prior payment of the timely entry and rental of the space.



In case of loss or deterioration of the proximity card, the duplicate application must be made to the Administration of the center and the processing fees must be paid.

In the event of loss of the key of the rental cabinets, the amount to be paid to the administration must be paid.


Suggestions and complaints

The users have a form to send the suggestions and complaints that they think fit to the address of the center, depositing it in the mailbox located at the reception. You will receive a response within a maximum period of 15 days.

Rules of use: general

The general pattern of behavior is that of an appropriate use of the facilities and compliance with the general and specific rules established by the sports center. Claror Can Caralleu, which have been defined in order to ensure respect for other users and equipment.

Each specific space is governed by rules of use and use schedules that are published "in situ".

The distribution of spaces and changing rooms is authorized by the Management of the entity. The criteria are based on rationality and the proper use of spaces.

All users must follow the observations indicated by sports technicians, lifeguards, administrative personnel, facilitate their stay and maintenance, which aim to ensure respect and ensure a coexistence of the use of sports spaces and changing rooms, gadgets or material. If, repeatedly, the observations are not attended, the user will be forced to leave the facilities.

Directed activities or personal training by technicians outside the sports center are not allowed Claror Can Caralleu.

Before any indisposition, please ask any member of the center's staff.

Claror Can Caralleu it has a Disciplinary Regulation to guarantee the correct coexistence between the users as well as the respect to the spaces and material of the center.

The sports center Claror Can Caralleu has an evacuation plan to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency situation.

All the workers of the sports center Claror Can Caralleu they know this evacuation plan in order to ensure the safety of all the people in the center. In the event of an emergency, users should follow their directions.

As a general criterion, inside the center you can not:

Circulate and use sports spaces without sports clothing, suitable footwear or with uncovered torso, except pool and solarium.


Eat outside the enabled areas.

Enter beverages with glass container.

Pets are not allowed, except for pigs in the outer spaces.

You can not enter with skates, skateboards or skateboard.

Rules of use: spaces

Aquatic space

It is the exclusive faculty of the entity to regulate the comfort parameters of the various spaces and services of this area.

You can not use this space if you suffer from some infectious disease.



It is mandatory :

Swim swimming swimwear, rubber slippers and bath cap (in the indoor pool). The hygiene center does not have this material for loan but there is a machine for the sale of these products to the pool lobby.

Enter the tunnel of showers and shower yourself carefully. It can not be used, however, for personal cleaning.

Respect schedules and streets for subscribers to swim.

Follow the instructions of the technicians and lifeguards at all times.

Do not allow entrance into the space with bags, backpacks or helmets.

Winter pool

It is mandatory :

Children under the age of 12, whether they know how to swim or not, must be accompanied by an adult adult greater than 18 years, except if they participate in a swimming course. Both have to stay in the same area of ​​the pool.

Summer pool

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (greater than 18 years).

Only admission of four children of 14 years per adult is allowed.

It has a limited capacity for security and comfort issues.

Relaxation area (hydromassage, steam bath and sauna)


It is mandatory :

Being older than 18 years to use the hydromassage, steam bath and sauna.

Respect scrupulously the hygiene regulations of each zone. It is recommended to have a hard towel in the sauna.

Follow the recommendations for use: duration, directions, ...

This is a rest area so do not disturb or disturb other users.

Pool material

In the free use of the pool only the use of auxiliary material of non-inflatable floating (bulbs, churros, belts ...) is allowed.

The use of swing fins and in order not to disturb the rest of users, it is necessary to be with the approval of the aquatic technicians and always in the streets signposted for this purpose.

Space of physical conditioning

The mobile can be available in the fitness room provided it is in vibration mode and the call is taken out of the sports area, in order not to disturb other users.

It is not allowed to offer or receive services by technicians outside the Clubs Claror at the club facilities.


It is mandatory:

Be over 16 years old.  

Follow the instructions of the room technicians who advise all users about the operation of the machines and the use of the material.

The use of suitable sports clothing and footwear. The use of open slippers or flip-flops is prohibited. You can not enter this space with bags, backpacks, helmets or any external material. It can not be accessed with a swimsuit, without a shirt or wet.

Use a towel to cover the machines, benches and blinds to prevent the material from becoming sweated and thus maintain proper hygienic conditions.

Straighten the material after using it. The material is for everyone and for everyone.

Take care of the material avoiding abrupt movements, scratching the plates or dropping the weights on the floor. Using the material with measurement and correction facilitates the work and well-being of everyone.

Activities halls, spining and indoor walking

In the activity rooms 1, 2 and 3 can only be accessed when there is a scheduled activity.

Spining and indoor walking can also be used freely when there is no scheduled activity.

Suitable towel, footwear and clothing must be carried, and it is recommended to bring water.

It must be timely at the beginning of the activity to minimize the risk of injuries and not distort the functioning of the class. The technician can prevent access once the activity has begun, for reasons of both capacity and lack of punctuality.

You can not enter this space with bags, backpacks, helmets or any external material.

Pavilion, football pitches, tennis courts and paddle courts and sports courts

You must wear clothing and sports shoes, different from that of the street.

There are hours for the free use of subscribers who vary every season and are valid for the whole course, except in the school holidays periods when they can vary according to the leisure program.

The schedules can be modified according to the entity's needs.

Subscribers are only required to pay tennis and paddle rentals.

Climbing wall and boulder (inside the pavilion)

There are schedules for free use of subscribers.

To use the climbing wall is required:

- Be older than 18 years.

- Have experience in climbing and technical autonomy.

- Present at the reception the card of the FEEC, the CEC or other insurance (from the current year) that clearly specifies their coverage in this type of activity.

- It is mandatory to respect the regulations that are exposed in the pavilion.

- It is necessary to climb always accompanied, the climbing alone is prohibited.

Tartan track and heating zone

It is a place to run or to walk in a hurry, not to walk.

For security against other users, it is recommended not to run with headphones in the track, to avoid collisions.

The track string is 300m.

The inner street is slower and the outside is the fastest (directed activity).

The direction of the ride is inverse to that of the clock needles.

Sports clothing and footwear (not sneakers, or roller skates) must be used.

It is a space for free use for all subscribers. The activity led by technicians has priority over free use.

Stretching exercises and physical conditioning will be performed outside the track, in the annex space.

This space will be out of service when soccer matches are celebrated.

Rules of use: spaces

It is necessary to respect the rest of users, modify the tone of voice and activate the vibration mode of the mobile phones.

Dressing rooms

The center has the following changing rooms:

- Subscribers' changing rooms:

They are distributed in spaces masculine and feminine, and their use is exclusive for subscribers and users of precise entrance.

They are in front of the football field and also in the blue space.

- Collective dressing rooms:

The center has changing rooms for groups (schools and equipment).

At the time of accessing the center, the person in charge of the reception will indicate to the person in charge of the group the number of the dressing room that he must use.

The person in charge of the group will lock the dresser with the personal belongings while they are carrying out an activity.

When the group leaves the center the person in charge will leave the dressing room empty and closed with key and will return it to the reception.

The group leader will monitor the good behavior and use of the center by the group that directs.

Claror Can Caralleu will make him responsible at all times for wrong attitudes.

It is not allowed to change clothes and leave the bags in other spaces than the changing rooms.

It is not allowed to shave, peel, cut nails or carry out activities that cause discomfort to other users.

Baby strollers can not enter the changing rooms. There are parking areas for parking buggies that work with currency.


All dressing rooms have armariets.

All belongings must be stored inside the cabinet, even when we are in the showers area.

For your safety, do not deposit valuables in the closet.

The locking system is with padlock.

The padlocks are personal. We recommend combination padlock, so you will avoid wearing the key always on.

For your security use a padlock with a thick arc (7mm).

When leaving the center, leave the empty closet and no padlock to allow the use of other subscribers. Otherwise, the center's staff will be forced to remove the lock, damaging it, exonerating itself from all responsibility.

The sports center Claror Can Caralleu it has lockers for rent for subscribers.



The sun is allowed topless.

Food is not allowed


There is a picnic area with tables to eat there.

Children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.

Loss of personal objects

The center is not responsible for the loss of personal objects. Please take care of personal belongings.

The personal objects found within the center will be available to subscribers in the Customer Service area for a period of 15 days. After this period they will be delivered to a charity for their use.

Rules of use: services

Health area

The tickets for health services, punctual or multipurpose, will be paid at the reception desk prior to the provision of the service.

It is necessary to arrange day and hour of each service previously, by telephone or directly in the same installation. You can also arrange day and hour with the specialist after each service.

Because schedules are arranged, punctuality is a fundamental element for the proper functioning and exploitation of the service. The service will not be made after 15 minutes of the concerted time.

If you cancel the service 24 hours before your visit, you can re-arrange the day and hour without charge. In the case of canceling it out of time or not attending without notice, the user will have to pay 50% of the price.

Health tickets will expire one year from the date of purchase.


Access to the cafeteria-restaurant is free, you do not need to be a user of the center.

Dress must be accessed, it is prohibited to enter with the naked torso, in swimsuit or flip flops or wet.

Car park

To use the car park you must be paid for Claror Can Caralleu and sign up for the on-site parking service. The subscriber must facilitate the registration, providing the driving license of the car he will use.

The car that has not registered will not have access to the parking lot.

The subscriber will pay off a lost fund.

It only pays when the service is used, that is, no fixed fee is charged for this concept.

The amount of the parking lot will be billed with the subscriber fee on 1 every month.

The fact of being discharged does not guarantee that you have a secure place if the parking lot is full.

Parking can only be used during the opening hours of the center.

The sports center Claror Can Caralleu is not responsible for possible thefts or incidents that may occur in the parking lot.

Claror Can Caralleu reserves the right to prohibit access to the car park to those subscribers who park outside the enabled spaces.

For a better operation of the center we would appreciate that:

Respect the environment: both the intimacy of others and the space that you occupy.

Throw the empty containers into the trash.

Leave the space you have occupied as you would like to find it.

In all cases, it must be respectful. Talking too high or making noise will cause discomfort and lack of concentration in others and yourselves.

Keep the center clean and in good condition.

If you detect any damage in the center, notify the reception.

Thank you very much, your collaboration is essential for the smooth running of Claror Can Caralleu.



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