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Clubs Claror and Can Caralleu join the Energy Saving Marathon, help us to meet the challenge?

January 24, 2019

The Clubs Claror i Can Caralleu we join the IV Marathon for energy savings, in which more than 120 public facilities will save on the consumption of electricity, water and gas during the month of February.

La Energy Saving Marathon is a campaign of sensitization and good practices in the use of facilities to reduce the consumption of energy and water aimed at buildings and facilities of public entities, with the aim of allocating the economic savings achieved in actions against energy poverty.
The challenge is Reduce 10% the consumption of light, gas and water. The savings we will achieve will help the City Council to help families living in situations of energy poverty.
It is important to be aware that we spend more than it would be necessary, and that with some small measures you can achieve great savings.
What will we do?

During the month of February, we will reduce our consumption of water, gas and electricity. Every week we will monitor consumption and we will see if we have managed to reduce them with respect to the consumption of previous years. We will write down and at the end of the month we will know how much we have managed to save.

How will we do it?

Reduce the consumption of electricity:
Turn lights off of the activity halls when there is no activity and we will take advantage of natural light.
We will turn off the lights of the changing rooms of groups when there is no one.
We will shut down equipment entirely, without leaving them in stand-by (computers, screens, music, printers, chargers).
We will encourage the use of stairs instead of elevators.
We will turn off the climate equipment from the activity halls at the end of the sessions.
We will adjust the climate of the activity halls, fitness room, changing rooms and swimming pool to the standard temperature parameters (21-23º)
We will regulate the outings of students of extracurricular activities so that they are done of staggered form and to avoid that the door is abierta constantly

Reduce gas consumption:
Less temperature in the accumulators without affecting the final temperature of the water.

Reduce water consumption:
We regulate the shower head adjusting the diffusers
We will save the hygienic shower after the school and extracurricular pool
We will limit the shower time to 4 minutes after the activities of sports schools
At Can Caralleu we will not use irrigation in the football field

How can you contribute to the Marathon?

Every day, they go through ours clubs Many people who use different spaces and services. To help make the Marató for energy savings a success, you can do little things:
Come with a second layer in the classes so that you do not get cold before you get hot with exercise.
Use the average discharge of the tanks of the toilets.
Make a quick shower and use just the necessary water.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Water and energy are finite resources and abusive use has consequences for the whole planet. Reducing energy consumption helps fight the effects of climate change, let's do it all!

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