World Obesity Day

Claror, together against overweight and obesity!

8 November, 2019

This November 12 Tuesdays is celebrated on World Obesity Day, with the aim of raising awareness, preventing and controlling overweight and obesity.
The Claror Clubs want to take advantage of this day to insist on the importance of controlling overweight through the usual practice of physical activity and of carrying a balanced diet, aware that obesity is not only a source of dissatisfaction and physical discomfort and Psychological, but also the origin of many diseases.

Half of the Catalans, overweight

Almost half of the Catalan population of 18 at 74 years is overweight (34,6% is overweight and 14,7% has obesity), according to the Health Survey of Catalonia published by 2015.
Obesity goes a long way from many other chronic illnesses. Excess weight, sedentary lifestyle and low consumption of fruit and vegetables are behind 11.351 annual deaths in Catalonia. "We can speak clearly about the epidemic," warns Joan Pujol, a specialist in obesity surgery. And it's a global epidemic.
According to WHO, 223 million school-age children are overweight. If the current trend is maintained, the figure can reach 268 million in the 2025 year. The good news is that in Catalonia the prevalence of excess weight has stabilized.
But how have we got here? The causes are multiple: from unhealthy food to a sedentary life, going through economic and cultural causes, as well as genetic predisposition. "There are many factors involved and that is why it is so difficult to prevent it," says Pujol, in a report published in the Diario Ara (read it whole here)
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Childhood obesity affects 1 of each 3 children in Catalonia

35% of Catalan children between 6 and 12 years are overweight, according to a study published this summer by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya. For this reason, this same autumn the Department has launched a plan that operates in five areas: food, physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, sleep time, and other behaviors. The Plan (as explained in this report published in La Vanguardia) puts a lot of emphasis on the need to practice physical activity, as in fact it was already done with the Comprehensive Plan for the promotion of physical activity and healthy eating (PAAS) designed by the Department of Health.

What can Claror do for you?

A fitness center is a perfect place to start working to avoid overweight and obesity, or reduce them if you already suffer. Doing physical activity regularly, two or three times a week, has some very important effects on the body fat index.
Claror clubs can enjoy one wide range of activities (See here and select the club that suits you), included in the subscriber's fee, many of which are specially indicated to prevent or reduce overweight and obesity.
The best, though, is that doing physical activity with the supervision of a professional. According to Dr. López-Nava, director of the Unit for the Treatment of Obesity for Endoscopy at the HM Delfos Hospital in Barcelona, ​​"Slimming on oneself is very difficult: only a 5% of those who try it alone achieve their goal and remain in their ideal weight. For this reason, we must encourage people who are overweight or obese to seek professional help ", the doctor points out.
At Claror we have a wide range of specialized professionals dealing with cases of overweight and obesity, both from the health area and from the technical field.
In the health area of ​​the clubs where you will find doctors and dietitians or nutritionists They will review your eating habits and they will make personalized proposals to carry out a healthy diet.

The Personal Trainer, your best ally

In the technical field, the best option is to hire one Personal Trainer (EP). The EP will give you a totally personalized physical activity plan for you, taking into account your characteristics: from physical data (age, weight, height, muscle fat index ...) to your liking to be able to do that Training, as well as cash, is fun for you. In addition, during all sessions, you will be fully at your service by motivating yourself, guiding you and supervising the proper execution of all the exercises.
In this sense, it should be said that, for those who are already subscribers of Claror Clubs, Right now there is a great offer to launch the new Personal Trainer, which allows you to hire two sessions for only 59 euros. It is worthwhile to hire at least these two initial sessions with a specialized technician that will guide you to achieve your goals.

Help friends and relatives reduce weight, and enjoy a month for free

From Claror Clubs, we not only want to help our subscribers to fight against overweight and obesity: we also want to help the family and friends of the subscribers. Therefore, if you want to take the step to fight against these diseases, we now make it easy for them.
If you are subscribed to one of Claror Clubs, you just have to inform your friends and family of the "Help a friend to lose weight". The campaign is what Every friend or family member who gives himself up to a Club Claror to reduce weight will give him a month of payment. And to the subscriber, we will be giving away so many free months as new people are paid resolute to fight against obesity.
Why at Claror, all together we fight against obesity!

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