Claror, more than Fitness!

From 20 to 30 we collect disused mobile phones within the framework of the European Week of Waste Prevention

8 November, 2019

Together with the Civic Center and the environmental classroom of the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, we add to the campaign "Mobilize yourself through the jungle" driven by the Jane Goodall Institute.

For that reason, from 20 to 30 in November, we will collect disused mobile phones and we will send them to the Jane Goodall Institute that will recycle them for:

[R] e using

The terminals and the useful elements

[Cut down

The unsustainable demand for mineral components, especially of Coltan, causes confrontations that produce millions of victims and refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

[R] eciclar

Properly toxic elements

[R] ecaptar

Funds for development, education and conservation programs in Africa, such as the Chimpanzee Recovery Center of the Jane Goodall Institute.

More campaign information:

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