• Cros Can Caralleu

    Official website of the Cros de Muntanya de Can Caralleu, the only mountain ridge that is organized in the city of Barcelona. Check all the information on the test here.

  • Can Caralleu

    Official website of Can Caralleu, one of the largest sports facilities in BCN with more than 31.000 m2 located next to Parc de Collserola! Regardless of your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of sports such as tennis, paddle and football, as well as a wide range of fitness, swimming, health services and personal trainer activities.
    www.claror.cat / canceled

  • Imaginary friends

    Picasso said that all children are born artists, and children have an extraordinary creative ability that manifests, for example, in the invention of unreal friends with those who enter into their world of fantasy and recreational imagination ...


  • The benefits of homemade juices, beans and ice cream

    Juices and milkshakes are suitable for any time of the year, but in summer, with heat, they are ideal for us to hydrate and help us to recover the losses of electrolytes that occur with sweating. ..


  • How to create sports habits: tips for tracing a frequent sporting discipline

    The importance of physical activity and sport for people's health and quality of life is growing. Every time everyone is more aware and there are even scientific studies that indicate that the promotion ...


  • Lifeguards, more than vigilantes: the task of the lifeguards on the beaches of Barcelona

    The tests to select lifeguards that are part of the Prevention, Surveillance and Rescue Service on the beaches of the city during the summer months consist of physical and practical exercises, a theoretical examination and a ...


  • Interview with swimmer Andrea Fuentes: "The goal is to get on the podium"

    The great Olympic event of London 2012 is approaching and one of the athletes with more medal options is Andrea Fuentes (Tarragona, 1983), swimmer of the Spanish team of synchronized swimming that already reached Beijing 2008 two plates ... .


  • What is osteopathy?

    Osteopathy is a therapeutic practice developed by Andrew Taylor Still in the late nineteenth century and is based on the theory that many diseases are caused by a loss of structural integrity. Osteopathy is a word ...


  • The subscribers return to give a good note to the management

    More than 90% of subscribers surveyed at the centers managed by the Claror Foundation are satisfied with the experience as a user During the months of March and April of the 2012 the Claror Foundation conducted the annual satisfaction survey ...


  • We celebrate World Environment day

    Within the framework of World Environment Day, the signing entities of Agenda 21 have planned a series of activities that will be carried out between 2 and 10 in June. From the five centers managed by the Claror Foundation (CEM Claror, CEM Sagrada Familia, ...


  • The Claror Foundation publishes the report and the activity balance 2011

    The Claror Foundation and the related entities (Association of Entities for the Management of Can Caraleu and Llinarsport, SL) have closed the year with a positive balance, so that they overcome a scenario in which the economic crisis has been .. .


  • Join the Nordic walk we organize on 7 Thursday, June 8 at 9 hours

    The CEM Can Caralleu organizes a 7 Nordic 8 walk in June at 9 hours. The difficulty of the activity is average and it is recommended to all the participants that they take part and water. It is also essential to wear suitable sports clothing ...


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