• Cros Can Caralleu

    Official website of the Cros de Muntanya de Can Caralleu, the only mountain ridge that is organized in the city of Barcelona. Check all the information on the test here.

  • Can Caralleu

    Official website of Can Caralleu, one of the largest sports facilities in BCN with more than 31.000 m2 located next to Parc de Collserola! Regardless of your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of sports such as tennis, paddle and football, as well as a wide range of fitness, swimming, health services and personal trainer activities.
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  • The 22 in September returns to the Festa del Fitnes in Barcelona

    Once again, the Fiesta del Fitnes comes with the proposal to offer residents of the city a kind of physical conditioning on the street, open to people of all ages, as well as people with disabilities. So the next ...


  • Most complete and varied activity offer, in Can Caralleu this season you have everything!

    The entrance of the new course already arrives and the 1 of October is waiting for you with a lot of news in Can Caralleu. For the next season you have a more complete and varied offer of activities: New activities and schedules, included in the 1 subscription fee ....


  • The benefits of playing paddle

    Paddle is a ball sport and shovels that can be played at any age, because it adapts to the characteristics of the players. In the paddle they face two couples doing a very sociable and fun sport. It's sport ...



    Whether you're a regular athlete or doing activities sporadically, it will help you to maintain a good body and musculature and avoid possible muscle injuries or overload.


  • In summer, do water activities and train in the pool

    At this time of the year when the days are hotter, the aquatic environment becomes an excellent place to train, as it allows us to freshen up while exercising using the water resistance. To the...


  • The 18 in July we do Nordic night-time and dinner, do you sign up for it?

    On Thursday 18 in July we will enjoy the freshness of the mountain of Collserola, doing Nordic walking. We will leave from Can Caralleu to the 19h and we will take a surprise tour, with dinner in Mireia Square, and return to Can Caralleu on the 23h. This ...


  • If you are FIT12 you're in luck, this month you win a merchandise pack from the club

    If you are FIT12 you're in luck, because this October we have a packing of merchandising from the club for you or for whom you want! The 31 in October will draw a draw between all the subscribers / from FIT12 of the club! You still do not know the advantages of the FIT12 Plan of ...


  • You can now check the 2018 memory on the web

    We present the 2018 memory, later than usual because we have completely transformed it to add more content, more testimonials and more interaction. Besides the change of format and design, you can ...


  • At Can Caralleu we reduce emissions

    This month of June, we have just revalidated the stamp of the Voluntary Agreements for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas in Can Caralleu, which is a good year in the reduction of emissions caused by the club. So, the 2018 has passed ...


  • Enjoy a lot of advantages with the Club Patí Vela Barcelona!

    Club Claror subscribers are in luck! You can enjoy advantages, activities and discounts with the rental of material at the Patí Vela club in Barcelona, ​​thanks to the agreement we have signed. The Patí Vela Club in Barcelona is an entity without ...



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