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    Official website of Claror Cartagena, sports center with 4.300 square meters of facilities located in the Example! Whatever your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of fitness activities, personal trainer, aquatic activities and health services.
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    It is a discipline based on Ballet and combined with elements of Fitness. It is a choreographed directed activity that intercalates, either continuously or through the blood vessels, cardiovascular work, toning and joint mobility.


  • Do you know about Aquacross? Come and try it for free in the September workshops

    Al Claror Cartagena We are already planning a special course start for you. That is why we offer you two Aquacross Claror workshops, a functional training session that combines low ground impact exercises and high-speed and high-impact exercises ...


  • You know what your children will do next year? Point them to a swimming course!

    You know what your children will do next year? Point them to a swimming course on Claror Cartagena. They will improve their level, they will lose fear of the pool and make friends! Check all the children's and youngsters' courses we offer for ages here: Swimming ...



    Whether you're a regular athlete or doing activities sporadically, it will help you to maintain a good body and musculature and avoid possible muscle injuries or overload.


  • In August we improve the water space for you!

    From August 3 to 4 in September, we take advantage of the small number of users in the club to carry out actions to improve the aquatic space, so that the new course begins with the maximum possible comfort. The improvements include the ...


  • In summer, do water activities and train in the pool

    At this time of the year when the days are hotter, the aquatic environment becomes an excellent place to train, as it allows us to freshen up while exercising using the water resistance. To the...


  • If you are FIT12 you're in luck, this month you win a merchandise pack from the club

    If you are FIT12 you're in luck, because this is a pack of merchandise from the club for you or for whom you want! The 31 in July will make a draw between all the subscribers / from FIT12 of the club! You still do not know the benefits of the FIT12 Plan of your ...


  • Enjoy a lot of advantages with the Club Patí Vela Barcelona!

    Club Claror subscribers are in luck! You can enjoy advantages, activities and discounts with the rental of material at the Patí Vela club in Barcelona, ​​thanks to the agreement we have signed. The Patí Vela Club in Barcelona is an entity without ...


  • Learn how to make refreshing and healthy dishes in the 19 kitchen workshop in June

    Do you like to take care of yourself and eat well? Come to the healthy cooking workshop we organize at Claror Cartagena with our dietician and nutritionist Emma Esteba. It is a practical workshop in which you will learn to make 2 healthy and refreshing recipes perfect for ...


  • Learn how to stretch the paddle surfboard!

    The Paddle Surf (or better known as Stand Up Paddle - SUP) is the fashionable sport on our beaches. It is an aquatic mode that consists in navigating right on a surfboard with the impulse of a single row. Unlike ...



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