• Claror Marítim

    Official website of Claror Marítim, the only Thalassotherapy center in Barcelona. You will enjoy 6.400 square meters of sports facilities in the heart of Barceloneta! Whatever your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of fitness activities, personal trainer and a full range of health services.
    www.claror.cat / maritim

  • Dry puncture in physiotherapy

    Dry puncture allows better results in a shorter period of time and is very effective in treating some very specific injuries, making the recovery process more active, fast and functional.

  • The benefits of playing paddle

    Paddle is a ball sport and shovels that can be played at any age, because it adapts to the characteristics of the players. In the paddle they face two couples doing a very sociable and fun sport. It is the sport with most practitioners in Catalonia, behind football and basketball.

  • Hydration in heat times

    Water is one of the basic nutrients for life, and especially in the summer and if we do physical activity, drinking water is indispensable for our health.

  • Most complete and varied activity offer, at Club Claror this season you have everything!

    The entrance of the new course already arrives, and Claror Clubs are waiting for you with lots of new features. For the next season you have a more complete and varied offer of activities. 1. We incorporate new activities on the grid: · Circuit training · ...



    It is a physical conditioning work in shallow pool, where toning, coordination and flexibility exercises are performed. The goal is to improve cardiovascular capacity, strength and coordination.



    Choreographed activity of Les Mills structured in work blogs where each track involves the work of a specific muscle group, performing exercises such as the squats, presses, elevations and curls with multiple repetitions.


  • Get ready for the Barceloneta's Festa Major!

    From 25 to 29 in September, Barceloneta celebrates the Festa Major. We invite you to walk the neighborhood, discover traditions such as the canyon parade, the parade of standards or the correfoc and enjoy the many acts that the Festa Major Commission and a good group of entities ...


  • On Monday 16 in September you will be able to enjoy the Talassa again, reopen the pools!

    From Monday 16 in September you will be able to enjoy seawater pools and thermoludic effects again. Reopen the Talassa Space once the improvement tasks that have been carried out in the last few weeks have been completed, which have been extended ...


  • For the Day, the Claror Clubs are closed all day long

    We remind you that on Wednesdays 11 in September, on the occasion of the Day, Claror Clubs (Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena, Claror Marítim, Can Caralleu and L'Esportiu de Llinars) are closed all day long. It is one of the only 7 days in the whole year that does not ...



    It is a very fun physical conditioning job, where a dance choreography is performed with simple movements.



    Global work with a combination of different exercises. The strength of all the muscular groups of the body is worked mainly and it is combined with cardiovascular work.



    Functional and high intensity training activity that uses the exercise circuit as an organizational method and the Teambeats Totem to program the different sessions under the control and monitoring of the heart rate.



    High intensity work. The training is organized at 20 time intervals '' work and 10 '' recovery. Only water resistance is used.



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