• Claror Sardenya

    Official website of Claror Sardenya, sports center with 6.500 meters squares of facilities located in the Gràcia neighborhood! Regardless of your age or condition you will have access to a wide range of fitness activities, health services, personal trainer and martial arts.
    www.claror.cat /sardenya

  • This Sunday, join the TV3 Marathon!

    The Sagrada Família and Claror School have joined forces to celebrate SafaMarató, a party to collect funds for the TV3 Marathon, which this year is dedicated to the investigation of minority diseases. If you want to add your degree ...


  • Claror, together against overweight and obesity!

    This November 12 Tuesdays is celebrated on World Obesity Day, with the aim of raising awareness, preventing and controlling overweight and obesity. The Claror Clubs want to take advantage of this day to insist on the importance ...


  • The best waste is the one that does not occur, we give you a series of tips to reduce, recycle and reuse

    Given that the best waste is the one that does not occur, during the Week we will give a series of tips to reduce, recycle and reuse. In Europe: 1 inhabitant generates 10 Kgde residues per week = 522 kg of average / year. We need to act! Council 1: Reduce The ...


  • Come and try acupuncture and auriculotherapy and enjoy the first free visit!

    Al Claror Sardenya We have set up Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy and during the month of November we offer you the first free visit so you can try them. Acupuncture Acupuncture is a therapy ...


  • Make your weekly training plan

    Weekly organizing the activities you will do at the gym will turn your training into a fun and varied plan, breaking the monotony that sometimes we impose ourselves, routinely, for the sake of trying new things and / or by ignorance. Activities...


  • Less paper and more forests

    Claror has long been trying to minimize the printing of media on paper. This season we have added the schedule of activities, which can be consulted for some time on the web and also in large formats in the clubs, that we have implemented this ...


  • From 20 to 30 we collect disused mobile phones within the framework of the European Week of Waste Prevention

    Together with the Civic Center and the environmental classroom of the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, we add to the "Mobilize yourself for the jungle" campaign promoted by the Jane Goodall Institute. For that reason, from 20 to 30 in November, we will collect mobile ...


  • We are joining forces with the European Week of Waste Prevention

    From 16 to 24 in November, the European Week of Waste Prevention is celebrated with the aim of promoting sustainable actions to reduce waste and change our production and consumption habits. At Claror we are adding to our ...


  • Benefits of using the spa after training

    We often associate the spa at moments of relaxation and well-being, and it is also an excellent ally in passive recovery after training, which can be a great help to achieve physical and mental wellbeing and to improve it. ..


  • Castaway's two-day total success at Claror Clubs with lots of prizes and fun

    Between 29 and 30 in October we celebrated Castaween at Claror Clubs! In a festive atmosphere, we have opened the doors of the club and we have gathered more than 600 people, who have participated in the different special activities organized by the technical management ...



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