• Do you want your kids to try tennis? Come to the 9 mini-tennis party in February

    Do you want your kids to try tennis? Come to the mini-tennis party we will do on Saturday 9 from February 10.30 to 12.30 hours. There will be activities of a recreational nature and of initiation to the competition. You do not have to have previous tennis knowledge to participate. This ...


  • Do you want to learn to play tennis or paddle? Start or refine your game from 29,90 €!

    Do you want to learn to play tennis or paddle? Or in your case you are already an initiate and what you want is to perfect your game? Now, at the Llinars del Vallès Sports, we remind you that we offer our tennis and paddle schools, and until 28 in February, you can hire them ...


  • Crazy beating of badminton! The 26 / 1 will do the 8è Badminton Friends Ranking

    If you're the one who comes to CEM Sagrada Familia very often to play badminton now you have a good chance to show your skill with the racket and pen with the 8è Ranking of badminton friends that we will organize at the Sagrada Familia on Saturday ...


  • Find people with whom to practice your favorite sport with Yes We Play!

    If you can not find who to practice your favorite sport now, in Can Caralleu, we encourage you to try Yes We Play, a web and mobile application that will allow you to quickly and easily find and find people with your your same interests ...


  • We add a new schedule of volleyball to the grid that will be open at all levels

    In Can Caralleu the volley increases its presence on the grid of activities included in the subscription fee. If you like this sport, you're in luck because now you have a new schedule every Thursday from 21 to 22.30 ...


  • Participate in the Men's Paddle Championship on Saturday 24 in November

    At Can Caralleu we organize a paddle tournament again to test your level with other opponents! Mark in red on your own agenda next Saturday 24 in November because of 14 at 20 hours there will be a men's paddle tournament ...



    Sports racket that is played with a light flyer. This makes it a sport that adapts very well to all ages. Easy learning, allows the whole body to work harmoniously.


  • The paddle wheel returns! From November 16 every 15 days will be done!

    Paddle Wheel goes back to stay at the Llinars Sports. From November 16 every 15 every Friday will be done every Friday from 18 to 21 hours. Paddle lovers can enjoy this sport for three hours without pausing by playing matches for the best ...


  • The footwear: ESCULL BÉ!

    The lack of good selection and adequate adaptation of sports equipment is the cause of a large number of sports injuries. For example, tennis elbow, if we do not choose a good squash racket, or skin problems, if the clothes are not ...



    Becoming Carles Moyà, Àlex Corretja, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Conchita Martínez or so many other Catalan and Spanish athletes who enjoy a good place in the world tennis rankings is not an easy thing. It is needed, how ...


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