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  • On April 25, the open shift begins on the campuses, summer camps and summer camps of the Claror Clubs!

    Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Claror Clubs we are working to make your children have a great time this summer at the summer camps, campgrounds and campuses of the Claror Sardenya, Brightness...


  • Lose yourself with a personal trainer

    Controlling overweight through physical activity and a balanced diet is of utmost importance to health, as it can be the source of many diseases, but also a source of dissatisfaction and ...


  • 6 recipes for soups and creams energy and healthy

    The lowering of temperatures in winter invites us to eat energetic and nutritious foods that help us to face the physical activity hard and to recover after the effort. Soups, soups and creams are ...


  • Child physiotherapy and physical exercise

    There is a strong relationship between our level of health and physical activity and good nutrition. Even so, it is estimated that 23% of adults and 80% of adolescents are not physically active enough, ...


  • With a personal trainer you will get it!

    We often lose track of regular physical activity, or workouts aren't as effective as we expected or they don't allow us to evolve. With the help of a personal trainer you can achieve the goal that ...


  • 5 healthy appetizers to enjoy during these Festivities

    Christmas is coming, and with it, all the familiar meetings so classic this time of the year. Whether you organize any of the meetings in your house or visit your guest, we suggest 5 healthy snacks to keep a healthy diet during these holidays. Recipes ...


  • Experiences Xp15 'Claror: the best 15 minute workout in the fitness room

    Often when we go to the gym we have different goals in mind: toning, weight loss, postural improvement, etc. ... And we want to achieve these results quickly, fun and efficiently. At Claror, we have launched the new activities ...


  • Claror, together against overweight and obesity!

    This November 12 Tuesdays is celebrated on World Obesity Day, with the aim of raising awareness, preventing and controlling overweight and obesity. The Claror Clubs want to take advantage of this day to insist on the importance ...


  • Come and try acupuncture and auriculotherapy and enjoy the first free visit!

    Al Claror Sardenya We have set up Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy and during the month of November we offer you the first free visit so you can try them. Acupuncture Acupuncture is a therapy ...


  • Make your weekly training plan

    Weekly organizing the activities you will do at the gym will turn your training into a fun and varied plan, breaking the monotony that sometimes we impose ourselves, routinely, for the sake of trying new things and / or by ignorance. Activities...



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