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In summer, do water activities and train in the pool

11 in July, 2019

At this time of the year when the days are hotter, the aquatic environment becomes an excellent place to train, as it allows us to freshen up while exercising using the water resistance.

At Club Claror we have a wide variety of aquatic activities included in the installment fee. If we take a look, we will find so much caloric activities for the most daring, as well as toning activities to strengthen all the muscles of the body and also dance to work coordination and rhythm. The aquatic activities that you can experience during the summer months at our centers are the following, according to the objective we seek:
  • High caloric intake
    • Aquatic tapas: High-intensity intervillary training that combines high-intensity execution 20 series (as many repetitions as our level and rhythm allow us) and 10 '' rest between sets.
    • Aquadynamic: Training of the Mills where you will improve the strength, the aerobic resistance and also the amplitude of movement of the joints.
  • Toning
    • Fresh water: Fundamentally, flexibility, joint mobility, balance, relaxation techniques ...
    • Aiguagym: General and specific physical conditioning sessions that combine cardiovascular work, toning and flexibility exercises.
    • Aiguafitness: Activity in deep pool that is carried out in flotation. Combine cardiovascular exercise, toning and flexibility by improving the general and specific physical condition.
  • ball
    • Aiguazumba: A party in the water! A choreographed activity where you will get in shape and you will feel great. The Zumba method applied to water: rhythm, fun and exercise
Benefits of aquatic activities
Activities in the aquatic environment have two peculiarities that differentiate them from the rest of the activities that is to be able to perform outside the water: the resistance and buoyancy that water offers us, which will bring a number of benefits to our body. Training in the aquatic environment provides great benefits, since all the muscles move without the need to carry weight on the joints, eliminating joint stress. This is due to buoyancy, which allows our body not to withstand the force of gravity, or therefore the body weight, which drops to 90%. In this way the risk of injuries decreases, it is easier to move the body into the water and favors physical activity to obese people, with spinal pathologies and all those people with problems to perform physical activity outside of the Water or who require cardiac or motor rehabilitation. Carry out weight training activities (swimming, waterfitness ...) which we are not accustomed to, enriches our ability to move and at the same time improves our motor patterns, making us more capable of dealing with new driving situations. It also contributes to the unloading of the bone and joint structure, relaxing the muscles and decreasing the joint pains. On the other hand, the resistance that water offers when we grow or perform any activity in the aquatic environment causes the muscular strength and flexibility to increase and the body becomes tone. It is proven that training in the water getting between 12 and 15% more resistance than when we train outside it. Going to the pool as usual is a good way to keep fit and sculpt the body. In addition, training in the water improves the blood circulation thanks to the thermal action and the pressure of the water exerted on the body. The thermal action of the water on the body produces the activation of the circulatory system and the pressure exerted on the body stimulates the sanguineous return.
How to distribute the activities in your training plan
The one that will mark your training plan will be determined based on the objective you propose, from your initial level and from the days and time you have for doing the training. We recommend that you look at the 2 or 3 calendar moments per week to be used for these activities.
  • Tone the body: Combine two days of toning activities with a day of high calorie activity. Start your week with an Aiguagym class, continue with one of Aiguadynamic and end the week with a Aiguafitness.
  • Lose weight: Make 3 days of high-calorie activities, combining the different activities we offer or doing the same activity for three days: Tabata Aquatic and Aquadynamic are your activities.
  • Enjoy yourself: Test the different activities and choose the ones that you like the most and motivate you. We suggest that you start the week with an activity of high caloric consumption such as Aquadynamic, in the middle of week one of toning like the Aiguagym and to end the week one dance, Aiguazumba.

In any of the three objectives, you should keep in mind that if you have just started, you must start with medium intensity activities so that your body is adapting to exercise in a progressive way. Once this adaptation has taken place and know the technique of the different exercises, encourage yourself to try the activities of high intensity. If you also combine these activities with swimming exercises, you will get a comprehensive and very comprehensive training, while also refreshing yourself in the water.

Do not think about it anymore and in the summer, choose the pool for your workouts! And when you're on vacation, practice the exercises that you learned during classes in the pool or on the beach.

For any clarification or more information, consult our technicians.
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