CEM Can Caralleu, fitness near Collserola

Come to the sessions of spining and indoor walking that we will do for the Carnival!

January 28, 2013

Carnival and Can Caralleu are already approaching, we want to celebrate it by organizing special sessions of spining and indoor walking that will be included in the grid of activities included in the subscription fee between 6 and 8 in February (only for people majors of 16 years).

Remember that indoor walking is an activity that involves a cardiovascular session with an elliptical machine following the rhythm of the music.

If you like to pedal you can do spining where you perform cardiovascular and strength-resistant legs work on a static bike with variable resistance following the rhythm of the music. It is an effective approach to cycling on the way or in bicycle. In addition, it is an activity with very little joint impact.

If you do not have plans for Carnival, come and have a good time with our fitness activities!

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