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17 September, 2018

Thanks to your Claror subscriber's card you can enjoy this start of the season with wide discounts to go to the theater, courtesy of Promentrada.

To buy the tickets you must access the Promentrada with the following user:

  • Username: claror
  • Contrasenya: claror01

Take advantage of all the discounts you have!

Some of the most outstanding shows of the moment are:

Shirley Valentine at the Goya Theater
Until November 4
From € 16

Willy Russell
Version Joan Sellent i Ferran Toutain
Direction Miquel Gorriz
With Mercè Aránega

Shirley Valentine is a comic monologue that tells us about the possibility of change and the courage to live. And he does it in a way that is so vital, tender and fun at the same time that we can do nothing more than let ourselves be dragged by the force of its protagonist.

EVA at the Romea Theater
Until 14 in October
From € 14,45

Text by Marc Artigau, Cristina Genebat and Julio Manrique
Address Julio Manrique
With Rosa Gàmiz, Carolina Morro, Marta Pérez, Carme Pla, Albert Ribalta, Jordi Rico and Àgata Roca

T de Teatre celebrates 25 years on stage with a very special adventure: EVA After addressing issues such as motherhood, gender, generational crisis and scenic practice, pain will be the protagonist of this work.

EVA is the Analogue Visual Scale of Pain and it is also a dramatic comedy where four crossed stories from four ex-schoolmates make us think about pain, its poetic and its forms. The physical pain, the chronic, the somatic, the neuropathic, the vital pain, the moral, the daily, the soul ...

The Skull of Connemara at La Villarroel
Until 28 in October
From € 20,40

Author Martin McDonagh
Translation and Adaptation Pau Gener on an idea by Iván Morales
Address Iván Morales
With Pol López, Marta Millà and Xavi Sáez

We are in the west of Ireland, in Connemara, a rural region, green and still wild, in the early nineties.
The lonely and mysterious Mick Dowd seems to have a very annoying life, his activities seem to be limited to drinking and can gossip every night with his neighbor addicted to bingo, the old Maryjohnny, and to receive the visit from time to time of Thomas , a local policeman with intuitions to become one day in a triumphant detective like his admired Colombo. Hopefully, his deceased wife, Oona, was still at her side, she was the love of her life and it did not happen that Mick did not miss her.
For a few days, every autumn, Mick's boring existence takes a bit more sinister appearance: He is in charge of digging up corpses that have been resting for more than seven years at the local cemetery. It's a macabre job, but someone has to do it, for the sake of good social functioning. Space must be made for the newly arrived dead.
But this year will not be like the others. The time has come to exhume the remains of Oona. And rumors accusing him of being the guilty volunteer of his death again appear in the neighborhood, even among those he considered his friends.
In case it's not enough, for the first time, he will be forced to work in company, and he will have the worst possible helpers, the young Máirtín, the lost bullet of the town, which keeps more hidden than he seems.
Welcome to The Skull of Connemara, a black comedy of love and bones.

Fun Home on the Onyric Teatre Condal
Starting 13 in September
From € 25

Original music Jeanine Tesori
Lisa Kron's notebook and letters
Based on the graphic novel Alison Bechdel
Direction Daniel Anglès
With Mariona Castillo, Daniel Anglès, Pilar Capellades, Clara Solé, Júlia Jové, Marc Andurell, Lara Kate Albertos, Noa Flors, Mariona Lleonart, Ferran Alegre, Aleix Colomer, Daniel Pérez, Miquel Camps, Jan Galivan and Stel·la Tarradellas

When his father unexpectedly dies, the graphic novelist Alison immerses himself deeply in his past to tell the story of the volatile, brilliant and unique man whose temperament and secrets defined his family and his life. Moving between the past and the present, Alison revives his only childhood playing the family business, the Bechdel funeral, his growing understanding of his own sexuality and the impending and unanswered questions about his father's hidden desires .
Fun Home is a refreshingly honest and totally original musical about watching your parents through adult eyes.

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