CEM Claror, your fitness center in Gràcia

Come to the aquagym sessions that we will do for the Carnival!

January 29, 2013

Carnival is already approaching and at the CEM Claror we want to celebrate it by organizing two special aquatic sessions, which will be included in the schedule of activities included in the subscription fee next 5 9.30 from 10.15h to 19.30h and 20.15h to 16h (only for people over XNUMX years).

Remember that aquagym is a general and specific conditioning session because it combines cardiovascular work, toning and flexibility exercises. It is done in the shallow pool (it's footsteps on the floor) and is following the rhythm of the music.

If you do not have plans for Carnival, come and have a good time with our activities in the water!

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