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Revolt yourself! Zumba, Body Pump, Body Combat and CXWORX on the grid!

5 February, 2013

From the 1 in March at the CEM Claror you can enjoy the most stimulating proposals and products of activities that are most successful in the world of fitness in the range of activities included in your subscription fee. You are advised that the schedule of the grill with these new activities included can be consulted as of 1 in March.

Present in more than 150 countries, and with more than seven and a half million practitioners, this is one of the most accepted choreographed activity proposals around the world. Zumba uses the basic steps of Latin rhythms and the most amazing music of the moment. Even so, do not be scared, the choreographies are designed so that everyone can do it. This is one of the aspects that distinguishes it from other choreographed activities: the choreographies are simpler and, therefore, accessible to everyone.
Zumba is an aerobic activity, that is, it uses fatty acids to generate energy, whether you want to lose weight, keep fit, or improve your health.
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CXWORX - Les Mills
The CXWORX reviews the classic sitcom sessions. Understanding that the functioning of a group of muscles is determined by the state of the rest, especially those that are close to us, we propose a thirty minute express activity, where using soft drinks (elastic straps), and exercising with a lot Training potential (exercises that support a lot of intensity variation, which can therefore be adjusted to many individual profiles) will allow you to have a well toned, abdominal, lumbar, and gluteal area ready to face the challenges of daily life.
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Body Pump - Les Mills
Possibly the most well-known and recognized activity in the world of fitness. Its success is based on the use of the best songs of the moment and the ability to create unique experiences in each session. The body pump aims to improve muscle strength and strength with classic free weight toning exercises, developed at the beat of music, using bars and discs. It is your bodybuilding program adapted to the activities room, in group and with a technician constantly close to you to help you achieve your goals.

If you need to improve your strength, muscular tone and appearance, body pump is the best option you can choose. Do not worry if you have no experience, the activity is designed to accept all types of public, both men and women of all ages and physical condition. What is really indispensable is desire and enthusiasm.
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Body Combat - Les Mills
Activity for the improvement of aerobic resistance. It is a very energetic activity in which boxing movements and different martial arts are used, combined with very motivating music.
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As you can see, from the CEM Claror we want to be close to you this year that begins, we want you to visit us, to tell us your illusions and to fully enjoy the sport with us all.

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