If you are subscribed you will be able to enjoy all the thalassotherapy of the Maritime CEM

21 May, 2012

If you are paying the sports centers Claror, Sagrada Familia, Can Caralleu and Llinars Sports, now we give you more with the new Quota Talassa that allows you to add the Maritime CEM to your subscription. Go alone or go 2, 4 or 6 days a month at super-revenues prices!

What is?
The Talassa quota is an exclusive complement for subscribers of the Claror, Sagrada Família, Can Caralleu sports centers and Llinars del Vallès Sports.

The contracting of this quota allows access to the spaces and services of the Maritime CEM, the only thalassotherapy center in Barcelona (Passeig Marítim, 33).

And all with the same subscriber's card from your sports center!

That is?
There are different modalities:
- Quota Talassa 2: sum 2 monthly access to the Maritime
- Quota Talassa 4: sum 4 monthly access to the Maritime
- 6 tax quota: sum 6 monthly access to the Maritime

Access to the center is done under subscriber conditions and, therefore, you can enjoy all the spaces, grill activities and subscriber price when hiring health services.

How much money can be added to the subscriber's fee?
- 2 tax payment: 7 euros (3,5 euros per use)
- 4 tax payment: 12 euros (3 euros per use)
- 6 tax payment: 15 euros (2,5 euros per use)

This represents an important saving in regard to accessing the Maritime by free (The five-entry multi-ticket price is worth 61,80 euros).

Can I go whenever I want?
Each month you can use the Maritime as many times as indicated by the selected quota fee (*).
One of the advantages of this fee is that the person holding the card can have access to invite other people whenever they access the center together. Every person is an access.

I like! How do I insert?
You just need to get over at the reception of your sports center and contract the quota fee that suits you!

And ... enjoy the sea and relax in the Maritime!

(*) the accesses do not accumulate month after month.

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