The Claror Foundation and its centers open a new website

19 in June, 2012

The Claror Foundation and all the sports centers that it manages released a new web environment on 23 last April, coinciding with the Sant Jordi day. The new interface has been developed by the agency Cirici Thinking Digital ( from Drupal, one of the market's most modern content managers.

The change represents a leap forward for the Claror Foundation space on the Internet. In this way, the first phase of the Claror 2.0 project is fulfilled, which has the ultimate purpose of converting the entity's web environment into the portal to inform and carry out all the relevant procedures in the sports centers that manage the Claror Foundation.

The most visible aspect of the change of interface is a new, more visual design based on the corporate colors of the Claror Foundation (orange, gray and white). It is expected that progressively the content generated by the new website will be very visual, such as through video games. The redesign has also taken into account usability criteria so that user browsing is fast, convenient and intuitive.

Search and subscription
Another of the many advantages of the new website is the classification of all content according to thematic tags that will allow you to search for information through a search engine. In addition, all users who want to be able to subscribe to these thematic tags through the RSS system (Really Simple Syndication). In this way, they will receive all the information they select from their personal reader. The system will allow, for example, to be informed promptly of all the promotions related to your sports center or to receive news about new activities that are of your liking.

For those who prefer to receive the news of their center directly to their email address, they can also subscribe to a newsletter they will receive periodically.

Social Networks
The new website has been designed to increase the interaction with the social networks where the Claror Foundation and the sports centers it manages are running: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, Issuu and Linkedin. It goes without saying that the number of followers on the Facebook pages of the Claror group grew much along the 2011 and 2012 is expected to grow even more.
The aim is to take advantage of the link between the new website and social networks in order to increase user participation and thus improve the service with two-way communication, that is, from the center to the user and vice versa.

Another advance achieved in the achievement of the first phase of the Claror 2.0 project has been the creation of a version for smartphones and tablets so that the user can consult from any device with Internet connection information such as the schedules of the grid of free access activities for subscribers, videotapes or any basic information regarding the center. The goal is for the new interface to be operational and useful regardless of the device used.

Second stage, creation of an electronic office
Over the next few months, the Claror 2.0 project will enter its second phase, which aims to develop an electronic office that will allow remote administrative procedures such as paying for a center, reserving time to hire health services, rent slopes of tennis or to aim for a course or activity. The electronic office will mark a before and after in the relation of sports centers with their clients.

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