CEM Sagrada Familia, your gym in the Eixample

The Holy Family gives you more!

5 in July, 2013

This summer the CEM Sagrada Familia offers you more because you will have more activities directed, more hours flexibility, tailor made training and you can enjoy the beach and the drill!
More activities directed!
Have fun with zumba, spining, bodypump, water activities ... We offer you more grilled than any other summer!
You have no excuse!
That the change of habits is not a problem, we will find the option that best suits your needs.
More flexibility!
If you change hours in summer, we will help you keep up the pace.
A center for the whole family!
If you want to come with friends or relatives, we will offer you the best conditions.
Tailor made training!
Customized programs for the summer and for your holidays.
Enjoy now the beach and the salad!
So do not forget to be fit! Now you can also access the spaces and services of the Maritime CEM

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