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30 August, 2018

The 2018-19 Season begins in Can Caralleu, and here you can find out about all the activities and services we offer you. There are for all ages and tastes, with some novelty.
Course 2018 / 19
With family: mothers, parents and children
In the room: Yoga.
In the water: Swim swimming and swimming.
Outdoor: Tennis.
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In the room: Master Fit (new!), Fit90, Abdominal reprogramming, Dona + 45, Judo and Pre and post-part physical preparation.
In the water: Swimming Improvement.
Outdoors: Triathlon training, Paddle and Tennis.
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In the room: Funky hip-hop and Dance Jazz.
In the water: Swimming children and children
Sports: Sports, Basketball, Futsal and Judo.
Outdoor: Running, Paddle and Tennis
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In the room: Juvenile fitness.
In the water: Swimming.
Sports: Women's Volleyball and Judo.
Outdoors: Running, Triathlon, Paddle, Tennis
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Personal trainer
We also have a personalized personal trainer service, which is carried out in the room and in the water, individually, in pairs or in a group.
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Wellbeing and health
Abdominal reprogramming
Therapeutic massage
Sports medical advice
Physiotherapy: aquatic and dry
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