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Do you have to do different things? Start with the new activities: total laughter, spinhiit, aquamat

January 8, 2018

News on the grid and more weekly sessions, included in the subscription fee.

This start of the year 2018 is perfect for testing new things, and we suggest you start with the new grill activities included in the installment fee: total laughter, spinhiit and aquamat.

Total laughs
Training that combines pilates, dance and cardiovascular training, to improve postural placement and achieve a stylized, tonic and strong figure.

High intensity intervillary work with which you will achieve a greater caloric expense and by burning fat during the next 6 hours, which metabolism uses as an energy source

Functional work of high intensity, on an inflatable table in the water. The training is varied with functional movements, strength and flexibility, which increases the resistance and works the coordination and the balance. (This activity was paid and has been grilled).

In addition we have introduced and changed some sessions of activities.

Here are all news:

7.40-8.15h: Aquamat with Esteban
18.10-19h: Total Barre with Núria
20.15-20.45h: Taught with Ignasi

14-14.35h: Aquamat with Emma
19.20-19.55h: Aquamat with Maria

7.50-8.25h: Aquamat with Esteban
8.30-9.20h: Bodybalance with Mireia
18.10-19h: Total Barre with Núria

7.15-8h: Spinhiit (high intensity) with Marta
14.30-15.15h: Spinhiit (high intensity) with Sara
19-19.45h: Spinhiit (high intensity) with Pau
19.10-20h: Bodybalance with Ainoa

9h: Zumba with Ainoa
10h: Hatha yoga with Gemma
12.10h: Bodybalance with Ainoa

9.30h: GAC with Joan
12.15h: Taught with Ignasi

Animate and innovate your workout;)

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