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You can now check spining sessions this week!

January 8, 2018

To achieve optimum results, it is important to plan spin training well, combine several sessions and give the body time for recovery. Here you have 15 planning in 21 in January, with the description of each type of session:
· Video Clip: Spining class with images of music video clips. You can not stop!
· Recovery: Active recovery after harsh sessions, easy start after injuries and / or pathologies. Improves health in general. Increases blood flow to the muscle and prevents muscle contractions.
· Aerobic Base: It improves fat metabolism and helps build a good aerobic base. Sports health: TA, cholesterol, stress, osteoporosis, etc. Good training for beginners and for athletes fitness levels.
· Aerobic capacity: development of the cardiovascular system. Increases aerobic power and anaerobic threshold, and sports performance. Improves muscular resistance in mountain stages.
· Fartlek: session very similar to the aerobic base and aerobic capacity, since it combines the two areas of work during the session.
· Extensive intervals: increase of the anaerobic threshold, increase of the metabolism and of the deposits of glycogen.
· Intensive intervals: increased lactation tolerance, the systolic volume and Vo2 Max.
· Competition: Increase in anaerobic threshold, increase lactation tolerance and improve the real rhythm of competition.

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