Claror Cartagena, the esplais club and campus for your children!

Point your children to the Easter sports campus!

19 in March, 2018

On the Sports Campus of the Claror Cartagena They will do from games to sporting activities, such as badminton or rhythmic gymnastics. They will sport and friends, the best combination!

Do you have plans for your children for Easter? In the Claror Cartagena We put at your disposal our offer of activities for children's leisure, so that your children can swing and you can do yours!

Here are the activities we propose for your children:

From games to sporting activities, such as badminton or rhythmic gymnastics, among many others. In addition, the 12 of April will be released!
Morning from 9 to 14h
Morning and afternoon from 9 to 17h
Little ones born between 2009 and 2011
Big born between 2006 and 2008
Unique Latch (3 days)
From 26 to 29 in March.
Subscriber Not subscribed
Morning 78,56€ 87,29€
Mornings and afternoons 109,30€ 121,44€
Timely lunch 6€ 6€
Starting 12 in February.
They will go pipe while doing sport and friends !! And it is

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