Claror Cartagena, your fitness club in the Eixample

Go to Total, you can access both clubs from the neighborhood for the same price!

30 October, 2018

Go to the Total fee and enjoy a lot of benefits! Because the Total fee allowing access two clubs and doubles the offer of activities and services.
Check all the advantages here:
2 clubs to the Holy Family
Access both clubs of the neighborhood, el Claror Sardenya i el Claror Cartagena, to less than 10 minutes walk! Want to see the spaces of each club?
More activities, more diversity, more hours!
It multiplies the variety of activities and schedules and finds your ideal activity with more than 200 weekly sessions at Claror Sardenya and more than 200 weekly sessions at Claror Cartagena. Check all timetables:

Exclusive activities at Claror Sardenya
Complement your training with the exclusive activities of the Claror Sardenya:
· Biocircuit: strength training circuit when working all the muscles in just 20 '
· Skillrow: Group rowing activity and energized by a technician
· Teambeats: Group activity led by a technician that combines functional training and cardiovascular work.
· App Claror by Mywellness: keep track of your training through our App.

Advice and support
And all this, with the advice, support and follow-up of our technicians!

More for less!
All these benefits are for less than 1,50 € per day

Relax with seawater
If you also want to relax and enjoy a spa with unique sea water in Barcelona, ​​for only 25 € more you will have access to Claror Marítim.

Remember that with this fee you can train throughout the day, including weekends and holidays.
Come to the reception and we will clear all your doubts!

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